Rescue me from electrical overload!

raee_gwMarch 9, 2013

I've been reading over at the lighting forum, but feel overwhelmed by the technical jargon. I can (and have) put in new outlets, switches and fixtures, but that is the extent of my electrical knowledge!

I get the recommendations for 35lumens per sq. ft. and understand about CRI and color temperature.

I am leaning toward recessed LEDs in the ceiling. But I stopped by a lighting store where using 2 semi-flush fixtures was the suggestion made by their lighting designer.

So I have that confusion, and if I stay with LEDs, where and what size? or maybe LEDs combined with one semi-flush? The ceiling isn't that big after the cabinets are in! ( I do think that I want a pendant over the sink) What do you all think? What would be most appealing visually as well as practical?

The other question that I have is about plug mold under the cabinets. When I google for plug mold, all I come up with are the sort of thing you use as an extension from a regular outlet. Where do I find the sort to go under 24" or 30" cabinets and be wired into the wall?

Thanks for all your help. All these details are freaking me out, and I need to get a firm grip on what I want before I talk to the electrician. And, since I am trying to keep a tight grip on the expenses, wondering do I try to source all these things myself or will the electrician be able to provide the best values?

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I would put cans around the perimeter and nice decorative lights in the center.

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I'm in the same boat, right down to past mastery of minor things like switches!

I just spent some time at a local lighting place this week too. Basically I was told a 6 inch light covers about 6 feet, a 4 inch would cover 4 feet. With the space in our kitchen and where our sink light and hood lights are, I think we might go with 4 inch LEDs. The 6 inch ones end up close to those other light sources and not where needed, or I'd be using an extra one with close spacing and risk cooking in a stadium!

I'd suggest trying one on either side of the sink, center one on that first lower and base your spacing on that with a third one down near the range. Then one on either side of the fridge. They would be 24-36 inches from the wall. And maybe a ceiling fixture or fan/light in the middle.

See how that looks. It's often easier to revise once you have something to look at.

I'm still going in circles with the UC lights. I have a quote from environmental lights online for their dimmable bars with drivers in the light bars (max light?). I need to call and have them walk me through it as there is no diagram, just a list. It is a little less than the local store options.

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Thanks, a2gemini

Williamsem, that is good info about how far the cans cast light. Seems maybe that a single 6" can by the stove would be good? I might be able to use the existing box with one of those Cree LEDs at that spot, come to think of it. I need to measure where it will be in relation to the new layout.

I'm going in circles about the UCL too; I just discovered today that there are different kinds of LED ucl, with different wiring and component requirements. I have to talk to the electrician to find out which would be easiest and least expensive.

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