Island, here is some info on my herringbone installation in 2011.

enduringMarch 24, 2013

I hope I can help. I copied and pasted my email to Phylhl and edited it to post here. Now remember, I'd never tiled before when I did this. It has been 2 years almost since I put this in. I may have forgotten some of the details.

Lets see. I determined my center starting point on each wall and did the first tile at the counter on end at 45 degrees. Then proceeded from there to each side working across and up. The center of the tile layout is a zigg-zagg line and the center is through that. Does that make sense? If the wall is centered the trimmed ends will look that same at both ends. As I explain below, I didn't center my tile to the center of the wall, but to the larger features in the area, like the stove or the window. I think this picture is telling that it was a first time tiler installing this. The edges of the cuts are not filed smooth like I started doing at the end of the job at the last few counter areas on the other wall. Oh well.

I lucked out on my sink area pictured above, because I centered the zigzag line at the faucet instead of the center of the wall.

You may not want to center the wall but center on a feature like I did on my faucet. I also did the centering on my stove wall by centering the stove/cabinet, lucked out again as the ends look ok. Note that the right and left are different. It can be a problem if you end up with tiny slivers. For me I can deal with it but I am not a professional and have the time to manipulate the tiny pieces and use my imagination and think "these are so
cute". I don't think professionals do that :)

Also see how the center is averaged between the 2 sides of the herringbone tile, at the cabinet centerline.

I didn't concern myself with how these 2x4 ended at the cabinet bottoms (underneath), because I can't see them. But It may be something to consider with your cabinets.

Now the hard part for me was keeping that 45Degree work true. I used several drafting triangles and would tape them in place to brace my work while it dried.

Here is an example of getting out of 45 when I tried to straighten my vertical direction. It multiplied the error with each row. See how some spaces are larger than the others, that is the error I was getting.

I ended up taking the entire area down and starting again. It hadn't dried yet. I was also using mastic as that was what was recommended by the tile shop where I bought the tile. I didn't know about Mongo and Bill V. yet. I found it easy to use and it is in a non wet area, for the most part. I do worry about the sink area though. If I ever put a backsplash in again I would use thinset. But so far it has been fine.

I used LOTS of the spacers, 4 for each side as each long side touches 2 tiles and I thought that was important that each tile had 2 spacers. There are errors in my wall but over all I think it turned out fairly well and it
is very pretty with my cabinets.

And don't freak when you see this, like I did:

Because it dried to this:

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That is gorgeous!

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excellent job.

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Wow it's beautiful! Thank you so much for starting a new thread so we all can benefit from your experience and mad skills. And now that Tamara fixed what was ailing my GW account (Thank you Tamara!) I can actually receive emails to keep track of threads I've posted in. This is a keeper for sure.

What size and type of tile is that? How did you decide on grout color? Looks great with your cabs and counters. Do you have it elsewhere in your kitchen? If so, can we please see more!
Thank you again!

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Well, Island the pictures you see is the totality of me kitchen! I have 2 walls with cabinets, the rest are filled with DOORWAYS! It's like grand central in there sometimes.

The tile was a 2x4 mosaic marble that I bought at The Tile Shop. At the 11th hour, I decided to just cut it apart and do the herringbone that I really wanted to do. I didn't really know how to do it other than doing what I did. Later, having done my bathroom floor recently, I have read more about the layout. Mongoct, helped me strategize my bathroom layout. The tile is probably not the quality one would want for a floor, but I really don't know. For the wall it has been just fine.

The grout choice was made after sampling 3 or 4 combos. I mixed my grout colors to satisfy my need of not too light and not too dark. I had posted my samples on the kitchen forum back then, but a lot of my links have been broken because of something I did to my photobucket account recently. So here is my sample board:

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Thanks Enduring. Currently I don't have much backsplash area either. Small run on the range wall, another low area at the peninsula where my sink is. I was wondering how it would look on the short vertical run where my sink is and by the look of yours in that area I think it's safe to say GREAT! Well, if I find a talented tile layer. Can't believe you tore apart a mosaic and did this. So beautiful.

Who are Mongo and Bill V, GW tile experts?

How'd the herringbone floor turn out? Would love to see that too!

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Mongoct is a member that spends a lot of time on the bathroom forum and is very very helpful to explain remodeling of the bathroom. Bill V. is a tile pro that post often on the bathroom forum and on the John Bridge forum elsewhere on the internet.

here is my floor in the bathroom:

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Enduring. Didn't see your last post until now. Wow that floor is a stunner! how far along are you on that bath remodel now? Can't wait to see the final product.

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Thanks Island, I really am happy with the floor. My bathroom is done. I will attach a link to my "reveal" that I posted several weeks ago on the Bathroom Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom Reveal, Thanks to the Bathroom & Remodel Forums

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Holly- Kay

Gorgeous. I really didn't think I wanted a backsplash until I saw your lovely herringbone one. Thanks so much!!!!!

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