Block large openings in ornamental wrought iron railing?

rhileighalmgrenAugust 3, 2010

Hi All -

I've been struggling with this for a few days, and realized I could use some help. I have a wrought iron (or maybe aluminum, I don't know) railing along the porch of a rental that I will only be living in for a few more months. Here is a picture of it.

My dog has recently discovered that he can circumvent the baby gate at the top of the stairs by walking through the large square openings in the fence. I don't leave him outside when I'm not home, but I'd like to encourage him not to take advantage of my inattention to go on walkabout (typically lizard hunting in our yard). I'd like to accomplish this by blocking the openings with something simple and not too-hideously ugly. I'm thinking of running a 1 or 2" wide webbing strap horizontally through the middle (this would be sufficient for the dog; he doesn't try very hard to get out), but I don't know what like this might be available for a reasonably low price. If it is really cheap, I'll do the whole fence (31'), but I only really need to cover 8' to prevent the dog from going on walkabout.

I would recommendations on a non-ugly cheap type of webbing or strap as well as other ideas for blocking the openings.



Here is a link that might be useful: photo of railing

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Mini blinds from wallmart. J.

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Get a roll of clear fishing line and run it across the whole length, wrapping around each post as you pass it. Do that with a few runs, a few inches apart, and that should keep him in.

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Deer or bird netting would also work. It's black and virtually invisible when stretched tight. Use black zip ties, trimmed tight, to afix.

You can get this relatively cheap at Home Depot or a farm or garden store.

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