What's the best stain for pressure-treated wooden deck? ro pls

mailynnAugust 25, 2005


I am usually at the Home decorating site but really need some expert advice. Almost finished our deck. I plan to do a semi-transparent stain on the floor and a solid stain on the rails, etc.

I live in a place with warm summers, cold snowy winters. Northeast coastal weather.



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TWP. John

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Hi John

Thanks for your answer.

What is TWP?


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Nevermore44 - 6a

Check out...


THey don't review all products... but if you don't want to get the most $$$.. and one that is tested by these guys... go for the Olympic semi-transparent... at Lowes.

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Olympic stain stinks, the Olympic Maximum is a decent product. Don't put too much weight in consumer reports. I will say no more.

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I'm confused. What makes TWP the best? Elsewhere in here I read that you can't recoat it without stripping it, which is a big downside to me. I'm looking for pigmented stain for my pressure treated deck (in full sun) which will have to be retreated as little as possible, but when it does only needs to be pressure washed and then retreated. Is TWP my best choice? Or what is (from personal experience please!)

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I cant belive you dug all that way back,,,2005 ???
Anyway,twp 116 requires cleaning and good weather for the overcoat, I have never had to strip a twp project of mine. I do have a past Wallet that put silkens over the twp I put on,,,now that project will require a lot of stripping.

The thing with a project using pt for decking...... no I wont say that..hmmmmm not that either..... Preasure Treated yellow pine is pron to warping twisting shrinking splintering things like that when laying flat to the sun no matter how its fastened or what finish is placed on it.

A person can use a bad finish and make matters worst like thompsons,silkins,cwf,aquatroll but really no finish is going to change the nature of yellow pine. J

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It works really well due to high acrylic content and extreme metal particle content. It will protect pressure treated better than any other stain by far.

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re: Plastiron - how come a google of 'plastiron' comes back with only complaints?

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looking at all of the complaints, they seem to be from one person who got some on his siding and couldn't get it off. doesn't appear to say anything about the product breaking down or not working. i'd be careful not to get it on your house though.

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