Kitchen layout - two prep sinks in one island

sleepypageMarch 21, 2013

Hello, I'm looking for feedback on the attached island layout. A friend looked at it and commented, "hmm, two sinks in an island, I've never seen that." I am now panicking that we've done it wrong. It seems to me that the island is big enough to accommodate and still have plenty of room. (I'm also nervous about island size, but not sure what to do about that - I've already shrunk it considerably.) We have the unusual problem of a house built for giants and I don't want rooms to feel cavernous. Thank you! I'm nervously awaiting responses...

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I don't care for it from a functional standpoint. There's not really a lot of prep room on that tiny end, and that's where you WILL be trying to prep. I'd prefer to see the rest of the adjacent space to figure out where the cleanup zone could be moved so you could have the whole island for prep.

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The layout did not show up with the post on my computer. It looks like GreenDesigns must be able to see it, but for some reason I cannot.

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I tried again - had a long day and am apparently punchy. I wonder if I should consider two islands? Perpendicular to each other. @greendesigns - you are right about space constraints. The clean up sink could go on the one across from pantry (where I will store dishes) and the prep sink across from the range on the larger island. Doing this would give me room for undrcabinet vermicomposting station by prep sink but are two islands ostentatious? I mean more ostentatious than the 19by 17 kitchen? We have three kids, an occasional exchange student and entertain one catered dinner a year for fifty people, plus christmas, thanksgiving, which can be up to fifteen or so depending on who is around. So, this is a working kitchen (and I am the working cook). Thank you both for your help; some of this design details slipped past us during a medical crisis and I'm playing catch-up.

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Also, that's the whole kitchen. The doors to right lead out to living/dining rooms and doors across from island lead to back patio.

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Must you have that tall cabinet on the left of the cooktop? I would put the prep sink there.

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I have a large island too (10'4" X 58") with the 33" stages prep sink close to the end by the refrigerator - similar to what you have but with the prep sink on the long end of the island. My cooktop is on a long run similar to what you have. My clean-up sink is about where you have the tall cabinet. If you can do without the tall cabinet then you could move the ovens down to that end and put the prep sink where the oven/mw is now.

I agree that moving one of the sinks off the island would work best. Do you plan on having seating at the island because prepping on the short end will have stuff overflowing on both sides of the sink as it stands now. Your prep space is too small given how busy your kitchen sounds and also considering how much space your kitchen has.

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Maybe you do not need a prep sink at all? If you prep on the island then you already have a sink, no way would I get rid of any of the cabinets or split the island in two just to have a prep sink. If you are planning on the main sink being a single bowl and that is why you would like a prep sink then it may make more sense to look into a large double bowl sink, or even installing two sinks side by side (would not be my ideal but some have done it.)

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Oh my, thank you all for good ideas to think about. I considered dumping the prep sink but most of what I've read is it so handy when multiple cooks are around - and I do have helpers when we have a big meal. I thought about switching oven to the right side and putting microwave under island. That would clear space for a sink along wall by stove. Would I want to put the clean up sink there so mess is more hidden? Having a separate island for clean up sink and dw's would solve that issue plus alleviate traffic along the sink/range aisle. I'm picturing a crowded pathway when dishes unloaded and if you need to get into oven. What do ya'll think?

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I think you could use a prep sink, since the main sink is directly across from your cooktop...and anyone helping will be in your primary work area.

Any chance you could expand the pantry a bit, move the door over and add a prep sink next to the fridge? It would be nice to have some kind of landing area over there, since your only place to set things down is across a walkway...over at the island. Just an idea :)

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Is symmetry very important to you - more important than functionality? I'm asking b/c I see several annotations and design elements that lead me to believe that either an architect designed this kitchen or symmetry is extremely important to you.

Architects are very poor kitchen designers, btw.

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Agreed! It's a crazy, too symmetrical layout. It's impractical for my lifestyle. How to solve? I like the idea of losing tall cabinet except that my back is to the lovely view outside. I'm leaning toward splitting it up into two workstations perpendicular to each other. One, with clean up sink and DWs facing living area and the other with a prep sink facing outdoors. Thank you all for the input, I will update on how it all turns out...

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Your back is only to the lovely view if you're using a prep sink on the stove run, right? If you want to look at the view, stand at the main sink. What I mean is you won't use the prep sink constantly, just when you have helpers and two people need sinks at the same time. And not to mention, if you're at a prep sink you're prepping, not gazing out at the view. So don't worry about whether someone using the prep sink can see the view.

Add my vote to the pile for ditching (or moving) the tall cabinet and putting your prep sink there.

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Wait a sec. The fridge is on the left, isn't it? So the prep sink should go where the ovens are.

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But I want to have my cake and eat it, too...Really I see that as a feasible option but one that doesn't alleviate the issue of a highly trafficked pathway between range and island. There is a giant room and all the work is crammed along one side...I'm going measure it all out in the space and to meet with cabinet maker and see what most cost-effective solution is.

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In many ways, your basic layout is similar to mine, but I think my back wall is longer than yours and I can therefore fit my clean up sink and DW there.

Where does the opening below the frig lead to?

Can you move the frig north and steal some pantry space? Looks like a really big opening that you might be able to reduce.

What is that short wall to the left of the oven/mw?

Is the dining room the only eating area? If so, you might want to really consider moving the frig north. It's going to be quite a hike to get items out of the frig and into the DR. If you can make it more of a direct walk past the island it might be better.

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Yes, I've already told the architect to make the pantry opening smaller. I could put the fridge further north( which way is north, though? im left-handed, the world is backwards to me.) and put prep sink there, I could scratch the prep sink. You are right, the fridge is quite a hike from all points. How about putting oven/mw where tall cab is, prep sink in place of oven/mw? Seems at this point least expensive changes to plans in progress. Should I put something across the room in the vast expanse of space?

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Has this kitchen been saved? Obviously a rough draft, but you get the idea. View is now toward the living area, prep and main sink separated, plus room for a table now. Thoughts?

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I like the sink closer to the fridge...but now it's a long way between your fridge and range.

What about reworking that 'fridge/freezer' wall and from top to bottom (in your picture) have the fridge, counter, prep sink, maybe a bit more counter space (what's the box next to the prep sink?) and then the freezer...maybe tall cabinet or broom closet on the end?

You want your fridge, one sink and range to make a good working triangle, with not too many steps in between. I like the table in the kitchen :)

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Thank you for feedback, lavender_lass. I'm subscribing to the school of thought that pulls the fridge out of the triangle to decrease traffic congestion. It's now closer to table for ease of access. Also, I'm working with only two sides in this kitxhen due to large windows filling one one and large entrance on the other. The box by the clean up sink on the side is a DW. What a relief to have figured out this puzzle, so happy for all the input.

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