Can Cabot semi-solid -transparent be resealed without stripping?

hosenemesisAugust 19, 2009

Hi all,

I have been poring over stain websites trying to help my sister-in-law decide on a stain for her pine slat patio cover.

She would love to have it a dark, solid color (dark gray or green to match house) but restaining hundreds of little wood slats every three years sounds a bit time-consuming and pricey.

The dark Cabot semi-solids and transparents are not especially attractive on pine grain, but they claim a 3 to 5 year lifespan with no peeling. Must these be stripped to be resealed after five years? It appears that this is the case, and if so, is there really any labor or materials savings over the solid stains?

Is there any product that would let the wood just weather naturally to a grayish color without rotting away?

Thanks for your advice,


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I'd suggest calling Cabot customer service with that question, although my guess would be that you should clean it first with deck wash agent (you have to get the dirt off anyway, and this would prep it enough at the same time).

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I have this product on my 15 year old back deck. Part of it is covered. The wood is pressure treated pine.
I have to recoat the uncovered every 2-3 years. All I've done is pressure wash it really well, let it dry for 48 hours and then restain. That has worked well until this year and when I did it this year it didn't seem to absorb as well and so I got a bit of a peeling look , like it was just sitting on top and not soaking in. I think it had built up to the point where it wouldn't absorb the stain. I should have used one of the stripping/cleaning products to make the wood more porous. It isn't real bad, but I know that next time I will have to use some stripping product.
Underneath the roof it holds up really well. I've only done it twice in 15 years.

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