Widest French Binding You've made

magothyrivergirlJanuary 29, 2012

I finished the top to a King Size Jelly Roll Race quilt.

I started it at Retreat and it is the last project I have to finish from Camp Cheerio. It is made from Batiks - it needs either a border or wider binding to frame it. I am leaning toward a Wide Binding. Normally, I do a very narrow full binding. I did a wider binding on one quilt, but I can't remember how wide - maybe 3/4" finished.

I will make a bias double fold (French) binding, as this quilt will be for us and get used and washed often.

What is the widest binding you recommend for a full nice binding? I am using a wool batting.


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I'd vote for a border. I think borders frame a quilt better than just binding and you can control how wide to make it.

I've made a 3/4" binding on one quilt but not any wider. I prefer my bindings very narrow now. I cut 1-7/8" and double which ends up being about 1/4" when done. I use the Sharon Schamber glue method. I don't get wavy borders that way.

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Thanks for responding Linda. I also cut my bindings at 1-7/8" -I 'Sally Collins' my bindings - except mostly (gasp! please don't tell Sally~lol) I sew to the back & flip to the front, and machine stitch and it looks great. I think because I use her precise method, it allows the very narrow binding to look great this way. I taught myself to do bindings from her books.
My problem with this quilt is I am maxxing out the available space on my 10' frame. The Jelly Roll quilts - esp this one - really needs squaring, so maybe I will cut more off the width and make up the difference in a border, and stick with a matching narrow border.
I like the frame of the borders on a busy quilt - and this one is busy!

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Anxious to see it. I remember it as being very colorful. Hope it goes well.

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I'm no help, I have never made a wide binding. Looking forward to the pics too!

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