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schoolhouse_gwMarch 30, 2014

I need recommendations for the smallest microwave that will still cook a frozen entree in a decent amount of time and occasionally accommodate a dinner plate. My black monster on the counter top, altho practically new, has to go. It takes up what little counter space I have. I'm afraid to commit to a smaller one because I guess I'm spoiled.

Does a .9 cubic foot preform just as well?

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I'm wondering the same thing - my monster is 7 years old.

I've been considering the Whirlpool 0.5cf 750W model with the curved back to fit under my corner cabinet (where the behemoth is now):

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirlpool 0.5CF MW

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GE spacesaver. Sits on my 12" deep shelf.

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We have it, and I love the tiny footprint on the counter. I actually brought one of our dinner plates to the store before I bought it. It is slower than a more powerful model, as expected, and there isn't a lot of height, but it works fine. It takes about a minute longer to cook "heat in the bag" vegetables, and the bag doesn't stand up all the way, but that's our only minor complaint after 7 months.

The controls are very simplistic, which I like, but it bugs my son. He would prefer a number pad.

Oh, and the clock is WAY too bright! I unplugged the thing and didn't reset the clock.

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I used to have a GE microwave/toaster oven combo (maybe 24" long x 9" high x 12" deep) about 25-30 years ago, got rid of it about 1990-91 b/c it was too small for 2 people (couldn't fit a mug of coffee in it, was great for soup or oatmeal or toast though). Wish I had it now! I can't find anything like it on GE site. All the Spacemakers look like OTR - is that what you have?

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I can't post a photo right now but my ge spacemaker is not an OTR. Its a counter top model.

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I Googled the GE and it does appear that it is an OTR model, the counter top version has been discontinued. Besides, it was a little expensive, sounded like a good one tho.

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Whirlpool 0.5cf 750W model with the curved back

^^ I've read quite a few reviews of this one and they are quite good. I'm considering installing it below-counter on a shelf in a 24" base cabinet because I don't want a microwave on my counter.

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The GE Spacemaker II may be gone, but the GE Profile 1.1 cu. ft. has an almost identical similar footprint. The dimensions should also allow it to be hung under a corner cabinet -- that's where our Spacemaker is (which has been a workhorse). Or certainly under a standard wall cabinet.

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schoolhouse asked for smallest that can hold a dinner plate - I think the Whirlpool is it. 750W vs GE Profile 800W.

But boy I really miss that MW/toaster oven combo. It was a little smaller than the Profile and also had optional hanging kit.

My corner cabinet is 18" across the front, wider at the back and nearly 2ft deep (with counterspace in front of it) so I really would like to find something that fits back in there (18" from countertop to cabinet bottom) and maybe even eventually move the receptacles and build an appliance garage as originally intended. I think Whirlpool is the only one that fits that bill - unless the Profile is set back farther which might be an issue with hanging it - though I am still toying with convection/MW combo that is no larger than the huge MW I have there now.

I'd love to see a pic of the Spacemaker/Profile hung under a corner cabinet - how wide is the cabinet face, and how far back is the front of the MW?

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I have no upper cabinets. Would love to find space inside a cupboard for one, even if I had to bring it out and put it back when I'm finished with it; but ideally keep it in the cupboard.

Question: does anyone have a problem with a microwave above a cabinet, inside a cabinet, or on a shelf, even those hanging below a cabinet, i.e. removing food containers without spilling or dropping them? On the counter I can just transfer laterally to the stove. I don't consider myself old right now but that's not too far away. ha.

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In my previous home, our microwave (GE Spacemaker) sat on a shelf, and it was a tad too high for me (I'm 5'2) - my arms had to reach up to the eye level or higher to put things in, and, more importantly, to take them out. Likewise, the OTR microwave we had in the rental we lived in before we moved to our condo. It's why I love my microwave drawer now :-)

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for ajsmama: GE Spacemaker II slung under a cabinet. (This is actually a horrible pinchpoint in our kitchen that was our own fault, but now we live with). The microwave is 12 inches deep and about 24 wide and is about even with the front of the corner cabinet. It is quite handy for the person cooking to use both MW and stove, but becomes a comedy routine when two people go for stove, fridge or MW simultaneously.

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I recently purchased and installed the GE Spacemaker II PEM31SF1SS. It is a countertop MW that can be mounted under a cabinet with a mount kit. It is 24w x 11h x 12d and 800 watts. It takes a little longer to cook, but not much. It's also extremely quiet. It is a little pricy but it's one of my favorite purchases because it is off the counter and does not stand out like a sore thumb.

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Plenty of room inside and the usual GE shortcuts and controls.

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Does it actually fit under a standard 12" deep upper, or did you have to recess it?

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@ajsmama, I'm getting the same model and based on the specs, it does fit under a 12" upper cabinet without any need for recessing.

Here is a link that might be useful: AJ Madison's list of

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Thanks - on GE's website it said 12 7/8". I'm thinking of putting it under my glasses on a straight run, removing the toaster that sits there now. I just wasn't quite sure how to mount it to the corner cabinet since the face is only 17" wide, though lcm_maine has done it. But I don't want it sticking out past the face of the 12" deep cabinet either.

I also have a 27" wide (but still 12" deep) upper to the right of the range, either I can mount a MW under that and still have room for my crock of spatulas, etc. and a landing place, or thinking of putting my KA Artisan there, still room for crock, and convenient to island for prep and to oven. I haven't used my KA in years, it's so heavy I don't want to be dragging it out of pantry all the time but so huge I don't want it taking up prep area so it would have to go on the counter to right of range or in the corner where MW is now (though that's not a great area to be baking in, my main prep/baking area is on the island).

Current MW is a GE 1.4 cf model my mom bought and didn't like - so I bought her a Sharp and took this one. Works fine, but it's just too big and it's over 7 years old now. I keep hoping it will die!

But I'm still considering the Whirlpool - DD has a field trip to Big Y tonight to tour kitchen/make pizza with Girl Scouts, Lowes is right next door so I'm going to do some looking.

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When my countertop Fridgidaire MW died in less than 18 months, I looked for more dependable brands. Many people like Panasonic, and they make a smaller model. I ended up with a little Sharp (because the smaller Panasonic didn't come in the color I wanted). Be sure to try out the types of plates or bowls you are likely to use. The interior in one small model claimed to have an interior dimension bigger than my dinner plate, but a protruding "lump" in the wall part way up meant that where the plate actually extended, the space was too small. That's not very clear, but do actually put a plate in one before you bring it home.

The smaller ones are usually lower watts, but then you just cook things a little longer. Not a big deal.

I found the biggest selection at Best Buy. Also, the woman there was very helpful.

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I can verify that the model I listed above is exactly 12" in depth and fits perfectly under a standard 12" cabinet. We also have the outlet behind it on the wall with no problem. The unit is 11" high and 24" wide. They have a built-in kit for a wider cabinet but I don't recall the dimensions. There are different Spacesaver models out there so be careful that you get the dimensions you want. Mine easily fits large dinner plates and my Corning French White casseroles which are my favorite for cooking veggies. I really like this microwave. I don't know if you'll find a Spacesaver II locally, so you can't check it out in person. I wasn't happy with any that I found off the shelf. They were all way too deep. If you tell me the dimensions of your favorite MW dishes I'd be happy to check if they would fit and answer any questions you may have.

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