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jscozzMay 9, 2012

I am going to use 2 or 3 Intellibrite 5g LED lights in my new pool... I would also like to use Color Cascade lighted bubblers in the baha shelf. I will have the Intellibrite lights controlled by an Intellitouch panel. Can I have the Color Cascade lights also controlled by the Intellitouch? It appears the two lights have different power cycle sequences for colors... can they be synchronized? I'd hate to have to manually adjust the bubbler lights every time I change the main pool light colors... kind of defeats the purpose of automation. But I don't see any Pentair lighted bubbler.

Any input would be appreciated.

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It isn't likely that the bubblers can be synced to the Intellibrites. Besides, since these are an accent, having them a different color helps to set them apart.

Putting the Color Cascades on a separate relay will allow you set them and use either their controller or if they have it internally, use power cycling to control them from the Intellitouch's remotes.


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I'm curious what you ended up doing with your bubblers - I had the same question :)

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Interesting developments... I just found out Pentair bought KBK and now sells the Color Cascade... and it is now fully synced to Pentair colors. So, now I am trying to find out if there is actually a hardware difference from what I have or is intelliTouch just is smart about the Color Cascade power toggle colors and can sync to Pentair colors...

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I have the colour cascade pentair bubblers and "fully synced" is a stretch - we had our PB out 6 times because of the colour cascades (installed last month).

The bubbler LEDs can be synced but it caused nothing but problems since they wouldn't hold the last colour (so if all were blue, that was fine but when we turned off the pool/spa/bubbler lights and turned them back on the pool/spa would be blue and the bubblers reverted to the first option on the "shows"). You can use the remote or iphone to reset the colour but it's a bit of a hassle.

The other thing - they look quite ugly without the bubblers on, so unless you plan on using the bubblers at night I wouldn't plan on the lights (they aren't diffused like the pool/spa lights, rather lighted round circles pointing up).

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Thanks for the info.

Are all your light on ONE Intellitouch relay? Or do you have the bubblers on a separate relay?

It sounds like you are saying that even if they are on their own relay, that when turned off, and back on, they will not come back on the old color... and intellitouch is not smart enough to power cycle them back to the previous color? Are the pentair 5g lights smarter in that they remember their own state?

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I had them both ways. The 5g are no problem, the bubblers are. I have an easytouch (originally a suntouch, that wouldn't make them work at all so the builder upgraded me for free).

To be candid with the upgraded remote it isn't as much of an issue because setting the lights is easier, when it was 13 "off-on" clicks to change it was incredibly frustrating.

Just make sure that you have the ability to turn them on and off separate from your pool lights as IMO you won't want the ledge lights on without the bubblers going and there are times we want light and quiet.

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Cool... so it sounds like the colors on the ScreenLogic controls match what th elight goes to when you select it, right? That is better than with the old KBK ones I have now, where they will not match up. What I am finding out is that there is a difference in the light and my old (not even unboxed yet) KBK cannot be made to work... when did you get yours? I think Pentair started reselling them literally weeks after my PB got me mine in the fall.

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Absolutely they match up when you use the controller - my pool was completed just last month - I expect if you call Pentair they'll tell you right away if it will work. Good luck!

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