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chulamanMay 2, 2010

I am finally posting pictures of my mostly finished pool. I say mostly as the area still needs to be furnished and some landscaping is not yet finished. We have been using it almost a year.

The specs are as follows:


Perimeter: 162' (49'x18+ plus bump outs & sunshelf)

Size: 946 sq.ft. (includes sun subshelf)

Depth 3'-8' (water)

Gallons: 33,437

Midnight Blue Pebble Tec

Intelliflo VF

Quad DE-100 with Aqua Perl

4 Intellibrites

Intellitouch with MobileTouch

4 Savi Notes in sun-shelf

Pool Pilot Total Control

11 upper returns

12 low returns

2 bermuda skimmers

4 MDX drains & debris canister

Letro Autofill

1,800 sq. ft. tumbled travertine french pattern deck with no sealer


Perimeter: 28'

Size: 49 sq.ft.

Depth 3'-1' (water)

Gallons: 761

Intelliflo VS

1 Intellibrite Spa

is10 Spa side remote

2 MDX drains & 2 SDX drains

18 waterway jets on two loops

center fountain

2 spillway returns

2 2HP Polaris QT Blowers

1,800 sq. ft. brick deck

Fire Pit: 4' inner diameter

The systems runs 16 hours a day at 35 GPM and 3-10 psi depending upon how clean the filter is.

Here are the pictures:

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Lovely! Where about in FL are you?

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Beautiful pool!

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That is SOME pool! Love the water feature and your travertine is awesome! Well done!

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Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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chulaman....Congrats! Fabulous pool and backyard.

I love the garden leading guests out to the ameneties that lie beyond.

How do you like the SRSmith double-pole looks sturdy. I have their single pole setup and sometimes wish we went with the double pole arrangement...especially after missing those shots that rotate the backboard!

Also, I see you mentioned MDX drains and leaf you have a Paramount floor system....I did not see it mentioned and was curious how the pool is cleaned.

I bet the kids enjoy the slide, basketball and the waterfall by the stepping stones.


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mudn: I am in Chuluota, east of Orlando

bobyoe, inthedrink: thanks


I love the SRSmith basketball setup. I have the commercial one that has poles set back more from the pool have never removed it. Its a bit deep where it is for my 11 year old but he will grow. I have another anchor on the other side for volleyball but have not used it yet. Once again, it will be a bit deep.

The leaf canister was more of a failsafe as there is no in floor system. I have been using the S3 robotic cleaner once a week since July 2009 without any problems. Once in a while I vacuum leaves using a hose driven leaf thingy...

And yes, the slide is a big hit as are the stepping stones.

Here is a link that might be useful: S3 Robot

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