Have you had time to quilt this week?

lindaoh_gwJanuary 2, 2011

We celebrated our Christmas with the kids on Thursday and they all stayed here until yesterday afternoon/evening. I was able to do some sewing the first part of the week. My DH gave me an Accuquilt Go Cutter for Christmas so I had to try it out by cutting lots of 4 1/2" squares to use for my monthly table runners. I got behind in Nov. so I made both runners for Nov. and Dec.this week. It was great that the die that came with the cutter had the size square that I use in the runners. (I will post pictures later.)

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration with the family. Our kids went together to buy us a large screen TV for our family room. It was a total surprise! We have been talking about getting it for a long time. We never suspected something like that!

What have you been doing this week between the holidays?

Linda OH

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I've been spending a LOT of time straightening, organizing, cleaning, etc. But I have found time to re-sew bindings onto two quilts. I still have my DDs twin sized to re-sew and then I'll be caught up.

In the next few months we'll be relocating 3 children into 3 different bedrooms with the necessary cleaning & sorting that goes with it! I've started, but have a lot to do to make these changes in our house. And I just want it DONE Now!!!

DD (9) got a sewing machine for Christmas so she's itching to make something. She's thinking a quilt, I'm thinking I might try her hand at a nightgown for her! That's a coming project!

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I managed to finish all my log cabin blocks and get ready to put it together next week when I'm stuck at home. Our decorations are all put away and I've finished off the inside of a new closet so I've gotten a lot done. I'm relocating my quilt books next so there's cleaning going on.

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Unfortunately I managed to get a dreadful cold just before Christmas and spent the next week not feeling up to doing much. When I did get rolling a bit, I took the time to sort my projects into a managable order and do a little sewing... when... I decided to do some freemotion on a small quilt. THEN... I tried to drop the feed dog, only to find that it did not work. I have had the machine twice since September in the shop to be fixed... and here we go again. I can do straight sewing but that it is for now. So off I go to get it fixed - once again. This time a good friend knows a person that can help. Wish me luck, this is getting to be exensive.

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I got a Gingher rotary cutter for Christmas, so I want to tackle my bin of scraps this week and get them cut down like Bonnie does in the Quiltville system. My machine was supposed to go to the 'spa' over Christmas, but the snow storms we had are always worse that direction so I need to take it over this week to have it cleaned and tuned. I did get 2 blankets tied this week while we were at the in-laws, and still have some ribbon embroidery to do on a yo-yo quilt - then it will be ready for sandwiching (I sewed the yo-yos on a background.) Oh, here come the snow flakes again - everything had melted off here this weekend.

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Haven't really done much sewing but have sorted and cut some squares and strips. I should be making more crumbs as that is what really gets rid of my scraps. I figure the holidays are officially over tomorrow, so I've given myself until then to start my goals this month. Laundry is done and decorations are put away, so if DD3 won't need me to take her to the dr tomorrow, I'll be working on quilting. @:)


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I took my gift certificate for Joann's and blew it on Saturday - Woo Hoo! I bought some batting and some odds and ends and 4 yards of flannel for a quilt back. I also sandwiched the boxed square top I finished and am working on it. I've become addicted to doing machine tacking (instead of tying) with a single decorative stitch. I was going to FM quilt it and I bought 2 brand-new water-soluble marking pencils to mark it, I tried to sharpen them and ran into a brick wall with the inadequate pencil sharpener that I have. Tried to sharpen them with an exacto knife and right when I got to the last wooden sliver the lead would break off every time. Got disgusted and and decided it wasn't my day to mark quilting patterns. I guess I'll have to try something else. I like the air-erasable ones but you can't do those way ahead because they disappear. And I didn't want a meandering stitch on this, so I really needed it to be marked for what I wanted to do. I've learned to be flexible in my old age, though. I'll tackle that problem another day!

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We're at moms in Arizona - been having a ball sewing with her! We gave her a new machine for Christmas & she started off by machine quilting a baby quilt she had sandwiched ... I would have started with piecing! I cut fabric for another one & she has it all pieced. She is having fun. A neighbor gave her 20+ garbage bags full of fabric & threads so we have been sorting, ironing, & cutting! (Some of the pieces are 4-6 YARDS long!) Mom makes about 6-10 quilts a month for Project Linus! I cut & pieced one. Mom doesn't really like to cut so I will try to cut several more for her so she can stitch & quilt. I'm going to cut a couple more for me too. Wish I lived closer so we could sew together more often!

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Barbara, I hope you're feeling better! I had a horrible cold a couple weeks before Christmas.

Our good friends from Richmond were in Itown all week, so we had dinner with them Monday and Friday. Friday also included 2 rounds of putt-putt golf and ice cream afterwards.

I had to work Wed. & Thur., plus do some cleanup after having a housefull on Christmas.

I've been able to do some sewing, too! Working on the Quiltville mystery quilt.


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Yes, I sneaked up the last two days and worked early in the a.m. before things start to get busy with morning chores. There were many days I couldn't get to the sewing room during the month and a half holiday season.......but it just made it that much sweeter when I could. LOL.

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Barbara, my DD shared her cold with me Christmas. I was miserable for a few days. Hope you are better now.

I finished quilting a comfort quilt today. Tomorrow I'll try to get the label and binding on. Then I will absolutely have to spend some time organizing the sewing room. It has reached that point again. Gotta get done.


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I didn't get a single moment to quilt. It was in my plans but it never happened. I need another long weekend!

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I worked on piecing a Christmas present yesterday. Yes, I am very late - and it is holding up giving the other 3 quilts.
OH well - they get sooooo many presents, mine never matter.
This year (or last year--2010)will be different, because the gifts are big --quilts--made to each kid's interests...and now they will be received after Christmas - not with the other thousand gifts. But I really want to get this 4 presents of quilts put the door!

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For me Christmas isn't over until Jan. 6th. So everythings waits it clearing out.
I did straighten the sewing room a bit and I am trying to redo one of Sylivia's blocks. The first one was so bad I can't use it. I have it 3/4's done and still not very pleased but it will have to work or not be used. It is a variation of the drunkers path called Fools Puzzle. Doing 2" sqs. curves are almost more then I can do I guess.
I have not been sewing much. Spend too much time playing with the computer. That is goin to have to change.LOL

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Thanks Beverly and I am doing better with my cold....I did have it almost 2 weeks now and it is still hanging on a bit, but at least I feel like I am improving so much.

Today, I met with some friends and went to a nearby quilt shop for their sale. Got holiday fabric on sale (all of us) and I taught them how to make a quick table runner that took about 45 mintues. Came out cute and they are all ready to make more.

I am now getting orgnaized on some sewing to do. Must work tomorrow but the evening will be free to get back quilting.

Hope fully, you recover faster than I am.


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I went to NYC for Christmas and got snowed in. We were finally able to get out of the city and back home on Tuesday. One of my daughters and her dog came with me and she stayed until Sunday. We kept busy doing some shopping and I had her help me with a couple of home projects. We also spent a fair amount of time shoveling snow. Now that she is gone I am getting ready for my upcoming trip to South America. I have a lot to do in the next week.

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I did a little quilting between Christmas & New Years, but contracted strep somehow over the weekend. Woke up at 3am Sun w/it. Went to church (thought at that time it was just a sore throat, never had strep before:( ) & came home & prepared sit-down dinner for 20. Our final Christmas celebrating w/my sister & her brood/spouses. When they left I took a nap & thought the worst was over. No such luck. Dr appt in afternoon confirmed my suspicions. Hopefully all the kisses the DGSs gave me didn't give them strep too. What WAS I thinking? Actually, w/20 in the house, I wasn't thinking much at all! lol
Once I get all the decorations put away, I need to find out where I'm at w/all the round robins, swaps & such. I'd love to lock myself in the sewing room for a week & only come out for food & potty breaks! Just think of all I could get done! Wow!!
Back to reality, I need to continue the un-decorating process. :( :( I work at it an hour, then need to rest - feel like I've been hit w/a truck! What a way to start a new year!:(

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Boy I'll say it sounds like you have been hit by a truck.... and hopefully, this is the last miserable time you will have for the rest of the year!

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Not much, we spent today going through an IRS audit! Passed with flying colors, but it took a lot of prep time I'd rather have spent quilting.

It was so nice to come home & find my Quilting Queens project in the mailbox. What fun for tomorrow after I re-file all those records!

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