What's the best way to trim out my stairs?

weedyacresAugust 3, 2009

I'm trying to decide the best way to trim out my stairs, in particular the risers. The risers are 7" and the deck boards I'm using are, of course 5.5". On the face of the risers I can just rip some narrow strips to fill it up, but what about the sides of the stringers?

I'd appreciate close-ups of your stairs from riles, salmon, sparks, and anyone else showing me what you did. As I figure, my options are:

1. Put a couple boards diagonally on the outside of the stringer. 1(a) would cut out the notches like the stringers so the stairs are still open; 1(b) would leave them straight and close in the stairs (I prefer the look of open).

2. Carry the front risers around the side, so the side would match the front but would have boards of differing width (seems like it would look funny). I think that's what they did here.

3. Do the sides independent of the fronts and just put full horizontal boards down from the top, and rip the bottom one to fit. 3(a) would go all the way to the deck, boxing it in (It looks like salmon did this), and 3(b) would stop at the stringer (bunch of little pieces).

4. Do the sides vertical (sparks, is this what you did?). Again, could do all the way to the ground or just to the edge of the stringer.

I'd appreciate any and all advice. I've searched through GW postings and google images, but can't find very many examples that show close-up. If you deck builders/owners could show me some detail, I'd be much indebted.

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I have not finished my main stairs yet (blush), as I ran out of wood and money. To date I have done the front of the risers and I ripped 2 boards for each riser so that the boards were the same size. I have already mitered the sides so that when I wrap them (hopefully soon) they will join up with the front risers. I plan to follow the angle the riser on the sides, I think, but at this rate you will have already worked this out and I can just copy you (LOL).

I mentioned before that if I were doing it again I probably would not miter the corners. I did that on my large box steps that come off the back of the house to step down to the deck and the miters move quite a bit with the changes in weather and at times they are not nice and snug as when I first installed them. Maybe this was my woodworking skills, but I think that is just the way it goes.


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Yo Riles,thats some sweet work in the picture No?? looks like little plugs and a very cool bulnose detail. J.

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