help! pool construction disaster!

docinscMay 20, 2011

Hello - I am new to the site but love it. Unfortunately, I need some serious advice.

I recently had my gunite pool dug and shot. There is a 9' spa that spills over into the main pool and is supposed to be in the center of the deep end wall. The PB measured things wrong, and now the spa is off-centered. There is a swim out on each side of the spa with a 10" difference in their size and the spa is visibly off-center. I told the builder that getting it right was more important to me than any discount he could offer.

He has started to jackhammer out the spa to the level of the seats and says he can reshape the seats and exterior of the spa by cutting/chipping off gunite and adding new gunite to make the spa in the center of the wall. He is going to put new rebar around the upper part of the spa but some of the rebar at the base of the spa may be cut out in the reshaping process. He says this is ok since the base is so thick the rebar really isnt needed for strength there.

I am concerned the finished product will not have the same strength and longevity as it should. I am not sure what questions to ask. If he can get an engineer to approve of his plan and attest that it should be comparable to the pool as originally planned, should that be enough for me? Thanks.

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For your peace of mind, I would ask the builder for a meeting with the structural engineer who supplied the original structural drawing for the pool.
As a PB, it's not that much more work to demo the entire spa, recenter the drain lines, and make it all correct. If there is a light in the bench, that will need to be addressed also.
You should also ask the PB to have the steel re-inspected by the local building official before placing the new gunite. Good luck.

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Thanks for the info. Here are some pics. The spa needs to reformed all the way to the bottom of the spa for it to be centered. Can they do this by just chipping away at the gunite or does the spa need to be dug out all the way to the pool bottom and reshot. That is a lot of gunite to remove.

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Somebody should have seen this error when it was formed, before gunite was shot. It needs to be demoed and redone.
Good Luck!

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How did the steel inspector not catch that the steel was not where the plan showed it should be?

Looks like a demo of the entire section, wall to floor is needed.


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After seeing your pictures, this demo won't be easy or cheap.
One option might be to make the radius of the pool wall larger and match the bench dimensions in the pool. This way they only have to demo the spa. Some dimesions would have to change. Making the spa bigger or making the distance between the pool and spa slightly larger.
It will be important to maintain a uniform dimension when they regunite.
This option would save the builder from having to demo the entire pool wall and get the project to look right, eventhough the dimensions will not be to the original specs on the plan. A little flexibility on your part could make this error a little easier for the PB to cope with.
Good luck.

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Yeah....the gunite on the spa is very thick.

I talked to the PB. He told me they file standard engineering drawings but that each pool is not individually reviewed by a structural engineer and that my pool design was not complicated. Is this normal? I just assumed my pool was reviewed by an engineer.

When I asked the PB about having the new rebar inspected by the county, he said the inspection was basically to make sure it was grounded and not so much for structural integrity.

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