Got a quote for a FG pool...

notacopMay 15, 2011

Looking for feedback on pricing as well as what we have on the quote that we don't need, and what we don't have on the quote that we do need.

Here is a snippet of the quote with the options we have in mind so far:

-Leisure Pools Moroccan 38n Australian Blue $41,885.00

-Accent color concrete to lower deck only limited 220 sq $ 2,860.00

-1100 sq ft 4000 psi. " light broom" concrete @ $10.25/ft $ 11,275.00

-Cantilever concrete edge of pool $no-charge

-Crane service and hauling of pool to job site $ 1,400.00

-PAL Treo multi color lighting w/ wire tran qty 3 $ 2,700.00

-Dirt from excavation remains on site $no-charge

-Ultra Temp heat pump 60 amp service $ 5,450.00

-Intelli-Flo w/ variable speed pump exchange $ 1,975.00

-Automatic cover system w/ top track & lid $10,975.00

-SR Smith Turbo Twister in sandstone left swing $4,290.00 installed

-Electrical service: pool light, cover, heat & pool pump Max 3,500.00

Sales Tax on materials only base 31,300.00 $ 2,425.75

The PB said he has an SR Smith Vortex in stock that he got "Display pricing" on over the off season and he will give us a great deal on.

We are thinking of switching from the PAL 3 LED system to a single Intellibrite color LED in the deep end.

The auto cover is from Cover pools, and we want to go with the flush track rather than the top track as spec'd.

PB is ALL about sand filters and does not normally stock cartridge filters. He is also very against SWG saying that a normal 3 step process is not as difficult as some make it out to be. He was pushing a UV sanitizer along with the 3 step chlorine, but I think we are going to pass on that.

Concrete is listed as broom finish but he was displaying some sort of acrylic sealant for the concrete and I think that is what we are going to go with. Concrete used for coping will be dyed for contrast from the rest of the patio.

Here is a rough "blueprint" of what things will look like. Click for larger size:

It was drawn with excel so it should be fairly accurate. Top of image is South, Right is West, etc.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Where are you located? Those prices seem very high.


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We are in central IL. Builder has a 60 mile drive to get here, I am sure some of that is reflected in the price.

Unfortunately I can't find a good fiberglass pool builder anywhere closer.

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Sales tax on home improvements in Il?

Who is pulling the permits?

The concrete seems very steep, especially for a plain finish. Here in the southern half of NJ, a deck rip out and replace is about $8.50/sq.ft.. You don't have the rip out.

More information on the acrylic sealant is needed.

What size plumbing? All hard pipe and not flex, right?

Do they set up a sump or dry well for de-watering when the pool needs to be emptied for service?

What do they use to bed and back fill with?

I'll bet his salt aversion has to do with the cover's needs.

Any rails or ladders? Stainless or plastics?

I personally prefer sand filters except in drought prone areas. What filter is he proposing?

His Ultra-Temp is over priced by a lot as is his IntelliFlow. There are 3 versions of IntelliFlow, which one?

Overall, his prices are telling me he doesn't want the business unless he makes his month's profit off you.


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