To seal or NOT to seal?

luvh20May 2, 2011

We just had our poured in place exposed aggregate coping

done a few weeks ago,and are going to be having our deck and walkways done the same way. The coping is colored, while the deck and walkways will be natural.

My question is should we use a penetrating sealer for everything, to prevent stains from drinks, and food that will be spilled eventually?

The type of exposed aggregate we have is the one where they

spray something on it that turns white, and then washed it off the next day.(don't know if that matters?)

I don't want it to be waterproof(too slippery), just something to protect the cement from stains.

Any suggestions out there from the pros, or anyone else would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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Just keep in mind that the application of sealer will be necessary each year to maintain the slick look that sealer provides.
Exposed aggragate is easily cleaned with a light acid wash that etches the cement around the exposed rock. This is one of the advantages of using it. Sealer will diminish this capability.

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Thank you for the info.
I was thinking of a sealer that wouldn't give it a slick look, more of a matte look, but protect the surface?
How would one go about doing a light acid wash?
What kind of acid, and how to apply?
Thank you again.

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