Hi temp pump fittings for 1HP pump?

ChipinCTMay 23, 2012

I need to re-plumb my pump on in-ground pool. I have a 1HP WhisperFlo pump with standard 2" PVC fittings, but two of the fitting broke.

I know that if a pump ever runs dry (mine did due to a float getting stuck in the skimmer wier door!), the water inside the volute gets extremely hot. I've also seen that some manufacturers make high-temperature pump fittings just for this purpose.

My question - are the high temp fittings worth the investment?

Also, I have Praher fitting now and I can't find them anywhere in USA!

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A threaded Schedule-80 6" nipple on a pump's exhaust is all you need for this. Any plumbing supply will have it.

Praher is in the US and are in the distribution channel. What fittings are you looking for?


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I need (2) 200-100 and 200-900. I did get in touch with John Viers at Praher and he sent me the 200-906 which is the hi temp replacement for what I had in there (200-900) - the standard temp.

What about the pump inlet? Good to use schedule 80 there too?

Can you point me to one online retailer with the 200-100? I can't find any that ship to CT! I've also called every pool store in the area and they all require special order. If I am going to special order, I'd like to do it "right" this time and that may include NOT using Praher parts since they are not readily available... at least for me...

BTW - their web site show CANADA as their location for pool products:
Praher Canada Products Ltd.
101 Saunders Road, Barrie, Ontario L4N 6E7 Canada

Thanks for your reply!

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Steam rises. Only the pump exhaust can be affected.

Regular fittings need not be Praher brand. HD and Lowes have pressure rated fittings and pipe. Flush unions are frequently Hayward's since they are easy to get at any pool store.


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