Easy Rebar question for the builders

space_manMay 26, 2011

Quick question for the pros on here. We had our pool built a couple years ago, so I don't remember this particular detail. Our neighbors are having a pool built and just had their steel put in today. They gunite in a couple of days. As a structural engineer, I understand that the beam carries a lot of tension and bending loads, hence the use of larger #4 rebar within the beam. But how about at the top of a raised spa and raised weeping wall? Looking at it, it makes sense that the top of the 12" raised spa wouldn't see as much load, but I don't remember the size of the rebar they used there. On the neighbor's spa they used #3 at the top of the spa and the top of a 20 foot long, 12" raised weeping wall. There is a continuos line of 4 #4 bars along the beam near the pool water line all around the pool. I think it's okay, but I wanted to check with you guys. I attached a picture that shows the top of the spa in the upper right-hand corner of the picture. You can see the smaller rebar at the top, but there is larger rebar lower down near the pool water line. Thanks everyone in advance for the help!

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#3 bar should even be "OK" in most geological conditions. With that being said, what does the approved steel plan say?

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Not sure. I'll ask him about it. Thanks for the input!

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Hey space man. Pretty sure yours had a double mat of #4 in the spa, but your spa is HUGE!

They should be fine. I would have taken the #3 further down on the inside wall, looks like they went just below the form. But again, they should be fine.

Wonder who the gunite company is?? If its good quality gunite, it'll hold up.

BTW, thanks for letting us invade tonight. My clients loved the pool!

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