Very strange front door/porch layout

kmedlAugust 4, 2012

Please help us with a better design for the front of our house. There are currently 3 steps from the driveway to the porch landing and then 3 more steps up to the front door. We've never seen a front door 21" higher than the porch! It currently has a screen door that opens out onto the porch, but that can be removed if it helps with the design. It is very awkward to try to open the screen door and have enough room to stand on that landing. We are completely puzzled as to how we can redesign the steps, include handrail(s) as needed and also be able to access the rest of the porch area. I've included a picture of the current layout. We'd also be willing to use stone if it would look better. This is a house in the mountains of NC.

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One option would be to raise the whole porch floor up to the level of the front door. That would require more steps from the driveway.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I agree. Raise the porch floor.

I'm not creative enough to see another solution.

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Probably too late, but could you move the porch steps to the right, allowing more room for a larger landing for the door?

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