Pool fence code in Roswell, GA??

pool4lizMay 25, 2012


I hope someone can help clarify this for us! We are in the middle of building our pool, and our 4 ft. picket fence will need to be replaced, or at least modified. As residents of the City of Roswell, we were told by our pool builder that our fence must be 4 ft. high, however, one fence builder is telling us that we must also follow Fulton Co. guidelines, which are for 5 ft. minimum. Acc. to the pool fence code info I find online, the Fulton County codes must also be followed only if it is a public pool. Does anyone have recent experience with this? I am wondering if the fence guy is trying to steer us in the direction of a pricier fence...


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There is likely city or county code enforcement officer you can call and ask to clarify. Good luck!

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