non-slip tile for outdoors

ann_tx8August 19, 2008

Will appreciate recommendation for non-slip tile for porch and steps. My porch and steps get wet with rain, and I would like to put a non-slip surface on both. Is there such a thing as safe, non-slip tile I can use?

Other suggestions?



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What is currently there? Are you looking at trying to make your existing tile not slippery or are you exploring a new surface altogether?

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Porch is treated wood, now painted with Valspar Porch and Floor Paint. Steps are unpainted treated wood.

Even with porch overhang, both get wet from rain.

Had previously tried Cabot stain on one porch floor(I have 4; all the way around the house) and was unsatisfied with it. Had thought I would paint the porch and stain the steps as the Lowe's paint expert told me not to paint the steps; would be slippery. Since I didn't want the stain on the steps, I thought of putting a non-slip brick/tile/rock/whatever over the wood steps (I have three very large sets) and bring it up onto the back porch to the entrance door and expand it out a bit to take in the dog feeding area on the porch.

I have had three falls from my steps and I want to make them safer as well as attractive to conrast with my new brown painted porch floors.

Thank you again.


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Ann,its a bad idea to install tile over wood with an outdoor project for a lot of reasons.

If you dont already have railing with a grab rail on the stairway get it put on.

There are several ways to mix sand with a good quality paint. See if the box stores know about this if not go to a real Paint Store. J.

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Ann, I have to concur with John. Putting something over top of the wood is a recipe for disaster. You have a huge number of options for replacing the decking boards - except covering them.

Sherwin Williams makes a product called Shark Grip that we use as an additive to our concrete sealers for non skid finishes. You will have a somewhat gritty feel but it is effective.


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My sister used some stuff called Johnny Grip to fix her slippery tile in her bathroom. I don't know much about it but she said it worked really good, there site is
If any one knows of some thing good to fix slippery wood please let me know ? because Johnny Grip only works on tile and I have wood floors.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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THANKS to all of you. Really appreciate your input. I will look for Johnny Grip or order for my bathroom. My whole house is tile and the tub/bathroom floor has given me a couple of scares. (I have had grab bars installed for added safety, and wish everyone would consider this.) As for the porch, I've abandoned the idea of any tiles at all, thanks to your generous input. And I do have railings all around the porches as well as both sides of all steps.)

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