Deck Sealer for Garapa/ to go gray

prinesurfAugust 19, 2008


could someone please recommend a clear sealer to go on a Garapa deck.

I will clean and balance hte deck, but I would like to put a CLEAR sealer on it that will not tint the color, or cause it not to turn gray.


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Sorry Sea clear finish has any uv protection,use them and your project will go gray/silver.

It not the sealer that causes the the decking to go gray its the Sun and lack of protection from it.

Belive Me, the Man that invents a clear deck finish with uv will make a large sack of $. J.

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ooh, not true actually, thompsons water seal advanced clear wood protector and water proofer plus clear wood protector BOTH contain uv protection and they are not the only ones. the multi surface contains no uv protection but everysingle other product in the brand does (with the exception of cleaners of course) but i think he was LOOKING for one with out uv protection...clear multi surface

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yes, that's right I'm looking for a sealer w/out uv protection. I was going to go ahead and order TWP series 500 clear. I'd appreciate step by step instructions (from experience) on how to apply it, and when and how to do it again.

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One of the rules of deck finish>>dont use anything with Thompsons on the lableSo Pine, sorry I dident read you right, you want it to go gray. The 500 series twp is made for the green mafia states and works about the same way the 100 series will, just takes longer to set up. You will get mildew/water protection from this product,dont wait for anything but good weather to put it on,far as when to do it again that all depends on you and your project. J.

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wait wait wait, im not sure if i agree with the whole thompsons sucks philosophy. ive put it on decks chairs and plenty of other things and have never had a problems-but im the kind of guy who reads directions. anyway with many oil based products you want to give your deck a thourough cleaning and with many oil based sealers/stains you must wait a full two days for the water to completely evaporate outta the wood. they usually take two days before they are rain safe-that means four days of dry weather to effectively seal your deck. one more word of advice ONE COAT ONLY the whole point of a water sealer is to seal out liquids-that includes more water sealer the wood has a saturation point. theres only so much the pores will take, so apply thin even coat, in these cases less is usually more. for that reason i dont like a roller theyre like a sponge and will soak up more than you may want them to so a painters pad is the absolute best solution and a natural bristle brush on the trim (or synthetic if youre using a water based product)...any questions? lol

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