New Houston Pool Build - With Pictures

NalaiMay 12, 2012

Back in Jan, we started looking for pool builders to build what we thought was a very basic pool.

We looked at 9 pool builders, 4 of which came highly recommended on many forums, with no complaints on the BBB or Angie's List. Of those 9 bids, 3 builders did not submit a bid. All bids came within 6k of each other. In the end we went with Atlantis Pools and Spas. The owner (Kelly) came out and looked over the property (he was the first and only builder to mention that I needed to call the gas company to upgrade my meter). He is highly approachable and down to earth. Considering other pool builders recommend him, he builds beautiful pools, and has been in the industry forever, it sealed the deal.

After talking with Kelly we modified the original design a little bit.

14'x28' inground pool

4'-5'-4.5' depths

Raised bond wall along length height 6"-12"-6"

7' spa centered opposite raised bond wall level with pool

sunshelf bench shelf to the right (south) of Spa

3-4 stairs to the left (north) of the Spa

3-4 volleyball umbrella holders

White marble plaster

700 sq ft of decking - choice of peagravel or brushed concrete with 4" drains

12" bullnose brick coping (we later upgraded this)

Water line tile

2 skimmers - 2" sch40 lines from the skimmer

3/4" fan sprayers on the bond wall

Overflow and area drains plumbed to the street

Skimmer and main drain lines run separately.

weather proof junction box

French drain to the street - to deal with my yard not draining properly

8" oc for rebar #3

pneumatically applied concrete - per code

All Electrical run

Continuous run poly gas line to the heater

3/4" sch 40 fill line

2 Main Drains - 2" suction

2 - 300 watt lights in the pool

1 - 100 watt light in the spa

light conduit - 3/4" sch40

Aqualink PDA PS 6 Radio Remote

460 Jandy cartridge filter

PHPM 2hp Jandy plus HP pump

400k LXi Jandy heater

All Jandy Valves

Rainbow 320 3" tablet Erosion clorinator (though I'm going to try the BBB method)

1.5 qt 240v commercial grade blower

8 hydroair jets

Polaris 280 w/ booster

Initial Startup service and instructions

Cleaning kit - leaf skimmer, test kit, thermometer

16' telescoping pole

Due to HOA BS we didn't get to start until April 21,

but here is our build. I'd like to add that all the subcontrators and crews that have been out to work have respectful and very professional.

This is the yard before everyone came

Unloading the bobcat

Ripping out the fence

Dealing with a tight squeeze

Laying out the pool - with an audience (Kelly in the background)

Almost finished with the dig

Honestly, we were quite surprised at how much destruction a little bobcat can wreak. Our side yard became trenched due to the many passes. They smoothed it all out in the end but now it's a mass of clay. Our poor neighbor's front yard is terminal where the bobcat turned around (yeah we'll be buying them new sod and are inviting them over for dinner when all is said and done).

Although all the crews have done a great job cleaning up after themselves, our yard is still a construction zone during the build. I mention this only because when seeing all the pictures, you tend to ingnore the wreck a small yard turns into.

Rebar, Baby! These guys are FAST!

Spa Plumbing

Pool Plumbing

We Have Gunnite!

Kelly figuring out the dimensions for the stairs

Water several times a day - note the spa has multi level seats to deal with my husband who's 6'4" while I'm only 5'3".

Coping and tile - This travertine is SOOO PRETTY - so glad Kelly talked us into it.

Picking out tile

Pools not finished but we still go out just to sit and look at the tile

Pool Equipment (another really TIGHT squeeze)

Start of the deck (this poor crew was screwed by the concrete vendor)

They finished at 10pm at night because the concrete that was promised at 11am didn't show till 5pm

And that's where we are at.

So far this has been a very cool experiance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Original Quote Thread

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Love the tile!!

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Watch out for Kelly! He only puts his heart and soul in a project! :-)

Tell him we miss him here!


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Beautiful color palette! The tile, your coping, the brick on your house - well done.

I hope you love your aggregate as much as I love mine. We did a mixture of pavers and agg. The agg sparkles in the sun and is so pretty. Yes, a little rough on the feet at first but we definitely got used to it.

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Looks like a great pool. My wife and I are having Kelly build our pool right now in Towne Lake. We are up to plumbing and rebar with gunite scheduled for Thursday. Plese keep posting pictures!

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They came and plastered today! The pool is filling as I type. But I know what you all want, PICTURES!!

Oh and for refrence the plaster is Diamond Brite Oyster Quartz

Spa pumped out, toe tiles being put in.

toe tiles on the steps

Dumping the plaster in

They have to work fast because it was 90 out today and the plaster dries fast.

Like frosting a cake

Smoothing out and rounding corners

It looks like a pool! well, almost



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Post pictures with water....we are ready to see your oasis!

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Yes, please post pics with water. Needing to see all DiamondBrite finishes, still can't decide what color I want :). Beautiful pool!

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I'll post some when the plaster dust is a bit less, you'd be surprised at how there is.

For example a day after filling, the water was clear and sparkling but was green tinged. You'd take the brush and this cloud of "dust" would turn the water to milk, when everything settled, the area you brushed was more "blue". right now it's like a cyan or aqua color.

Still it looks pretty, can't wait to swim.

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Ok here are some pictures of the water,

It's 7pm when I took them with a crapy cell phone camera.

Deep End 5 foot


Shallow end 4 foot

I still think it's cloudy due to plaster dust, but it's pretty.

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I love it! Your tile and travertine selections are beautiful. So can you swim yet or do you have to wait?

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The plaster is only 5 days old, I think we have to wait even though all our test numbers are coming up roses.

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I would love to see some updated pictures of your diamond brite finish. I have been considering Oyster Quartz. It looks good and im sure it looks even better now. Any pics you could post would be greatly appreciated. (bright sun and evening). Also, does it sparkle? Very nice pool!

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Looks great! Congrats! Can't wait to get mine built in the spring! How long did the entire build take from start to finish?

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looks fantastic!!

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Looks AMAZING. Would like to see some updated pics of the pool. We are having one put in that is 13x31 and were a little worried it would be too small but your pool looks like the perfect size!!! Thanks for posting!

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