What color shutters & front door for a BEIGE house

bristlingacresApril 21, 2008

I posted a question several months ago asking for opinions/ideas on what color to paint my front door. Some posters suggested that I paint the vinyl shutters (they're currently cranberry but are starting to look pinkish in the bright sun). I wasn't open to the idea of painting the shutters but as time has progressed I can see that the cranberry shutters aren't doing anything for me.

So...what colors go well with a new very beige (closest to SW Diverse Beige) & boring Colonial-style house? I painted the other exterior doors a dark green and I think it looks nice. My storm door is cranberry color and I'm not sure if I can paint it (it's Pella brand; not wood). I'd like something that is classic. The combination I had picked out (beige with cranberry) is very popular around here but I'm not in love with it anymore. The pink shutters just jump out at me (that's not the feeling I want!).

Would a deep brown look nice? Or black? Or dark green?

The inside of my house is done in earthy tones (sage greens, tan, dark terra cotta, and a very deep red).

I'd appreciate any opinions and ideas. I hope dh doesn't hate me when I ask him to help me take down the shutters. :)


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I would do the shutters black. I think it will look wonderful with the red door and other green doors (if they are seen ) together.

Another option is to go a couple of shades darker than the house colour. This is a popular option and looks quite "now", but I prefer a classic look like the black.

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I like Black Forest Green - green that is so dark it looks black.

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My house is beige with the very dark green shutters but I always do a double-take at the beige with black shutters when I see them. I like the beige and black combo a lot. Kinda depends on your roof color too, I like black if the roof is black/gray and dark green if your roof has any brown tones in it.

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I think a rich navy would be great with the beige and the cranberry storm door. Works with dark green, too. A nice change from the expected black, imo.

As for the front door, with the cranberry storm door I would think about doing the same color as the siding or matching the storm door so that the cranberry has a real impact and looks intentional.

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I should mention that my roof is dark gray/black.

I've also seen photos of front doors with BM Cottage Red and I think that's such a pretty color. However, I don't know if I can change the color of the storm door (dh will NOT let me replace it as it is new).

Thanks for the input. I think I'll look at black or dark green paint for the shutters. Does SW carry paint for vinyl?

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Around here (Savannah) that dark green/black color is called Charleston green (long story) and everyone uses it on their shutters and front doors. We have it and I do love it:-)

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Essex Green is a nice green/black too. I believe it's a Benjamin Moore color.

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I have a beige colonial house. I painted the shutters last fall a dark brown and painted the door a barnyard red. I really like how it came out.

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You may want check this site out to view a big variety of shutter styles and also colors. It may help you decide what you think is best for your house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ready Exterior Vinyl Shutters

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When we moved into my beige house, the shutters were black. The contrast was too harsh for me; we have since repainted the shutters a deep chocolate brown and I love the look.

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How about a teal color on the door, with dark gray shutters? Kind of a nod to the classic black shutters, but with a slightly modern twist. You don't see teals or blues much any more, I think it would be a refreshing change.

I would think you can paint a Pella door, same as any other. Is there any chance you can post a pic of your house?

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