This Quilt is Done!

dan_the_mailmanJanuary 30, 2012

A while back I made my first mystery quilt, and here was the result..

I prefer my quilts to be big enough to cuddle up in, whether I'm on the couch or in bed, so that means they've got to be at least 90"x90", and that meant I was going to have to make this one bigger. I added more framing pieces, and this was the result...

I've been wanting to do an Amish quilt, and I also wanted to make this one reversible, so I combined the two ideas and made a 2nd quilt top, as modelled here with the "help" of my oldest, Bump...

He believes he was helping me lay it all out on the living room floor to line up both tops and make sure their sizes were right, and I've decided to let him keep believing that.

Here's what it looks like when reversed on the bed...

I used a whole piece of 108" wide fabric as the batting, and will be using embroidery thread to tie it off once I get back over to joanns. I can ALSO tell you that I've already had a good nights sleep beneath it, and it was well worth it!

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Great work, Dan. I love the idea of having a reversible quilt. I really like your Amish pattern. And Bump obviously thinks it's a winner too. It's amazing how cats always think you need their help whenever you're working on a project. Lois

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I see Bump actually smiling as he thinks he's pulled the wool over your eyes. lol I like the layout of your Amish blocks. Good job!


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Nice job! Great helpers, too.


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Great job Dan it is obviously loved lol!!!!!

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Yea, a winner. Were you worried about making a mystery quilt that you wouldn't like it after you were done? I like how you tied the blue border back to the pretty blue and white piecing.

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I love it

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Great job, Dan.
Nice idea to do reversible.


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Wonderful job. Love your colors.

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It was worth the effort. Nice job. Love those cats and they seem to be enjoying your quilt as well. Sleep well and cuddle. TFS

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Being somewhat of a beginner here, I must ask, what is a "mystery" quilt?

Anyway, I like the zig-zaggy pattern...reminds me of a rail fence design.

Your choice of color arrangement on the other side is cool.

Please post a pic after you finish tying the quilt.


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Julie, a mystery quilt is one which you do following the directions of someone else, without knowing what the end result will be. I've found them in my quilting magazines lately, and the one I participated in recently was mentioned by someone here in this forum (I can't remember who, but I'm hooked and grateful they did!) If you go to you'll find the instructions, and some great pictures of what people did with theirs.

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Dan, it looks great, and I'm sure feels even better. Mine is languishing--I've been out of town visiting my granddaughter, so no quilting happening. When I get home and recover from this trip, my planet patchwork NYD mystery quilt should get finished as well. Such a good idea to make it reversible. Great job! Thanks for updating us on your finish.

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Thanks for your reply, Dan.
A mystery quilt sounds like so much fun!
I have a few projects to finish first, then I may try a mystery quilt someday.


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Great quilt!
Linda OH

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Great quilt and wonderful backing design too! Royal approval from Bump and Stella....can't get any better than that! Isn't sleeping under a self-made quilt the best!?! Great job!

Now I must's all your fault, Dan!!! I am going to work on a Super Bowl mystery tomorrow. Actually two because I couldn't decide and they start at different times/zones. Yep....I'm blaming you. LOL


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