Brushed nickle and chrome

kam76March 25, 2013

So how important is it to "match" your faucet to your hardware? I am leaning toward brushed nickle hardware on cabinets but I found a great (closeout) deal on an expensive faucet and the only in stock color is chrome. I am wondering if it will stick out like a shiny sore thumb or be something people don't even really notice.

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I am am going with satin nickel hardware and a chrome faucet. I think the faucet gives a little bling to the room. I like it and if I am making a fashion faux pax, oh well. IMO it looks nice together. The only negative is the faucet may show water spots.

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Mine is shiny chrome, with antique brass hardware on the cabinets. I have stainless appliances. My faucet is a large bridge, so it is substantial.


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If you google the forum or the blogosphere, you will see that "mixing metals", within reason, is considered "hot". From what I read, several years ago, this would have brought the style police to your door. (For the record, I am a "mixer", within reason)

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My hardware & faucet are brushed nickel and so are the pendants but my fan is chrome. As long as it's in the same family i.e. "silver", it will blend together.

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I'm thinking of mixing brushed nickle (lighting) and chrome too so I was wondering the same thing. If anyone has pictures to share, that would be great.
What faucet are looking at?

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