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ncrealestateguyMay 19, 2012

I have an 8 person hot tub that overflows into my gunite pool. It has 8 jets. Last fall, my equipment pad got hit by lightning. I lost everything electrical. I replaced the Intellitouch boards, the Intelliflow VF drives, but I did not replace the Raypak heater board until today. I did this myself and am glad to say that it now works.

But, when I got into the hottub for the first time since last Fall, one of the jets has little or no water coming out of it. When I had the kids plug up all of the jets except that one, the water came out forcefully. When we unplug the other good jets, this one goes back down to nothing. What could be wrong here?

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Either it was like that all along or the jets might have something or somethings creating a blockage or blockages. You didn't say what jets you have but I really doubt it had anything to do with the lightning strike.


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How does one go about fixing a blockage?
I turned the blower on last night and the bubbles that come out appear normal.
I am not saying that the lightning strike caused this.

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trhought first reaction is, the replacement drive was not properly programmed to delivery high speed flow when in spa mode.

Does the pump ramp up to high speed when spa mode is selected.

A second there a JVA that is not set properly or was damaged during the lightning strike that is diverting the output to somewhere other than the spa when in spa mode. Or, conversely, a malfunctioning JVA on the suction side of the pump that is not allowing the pump enough flow to do its job.

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