Filter Placement

zuggy333May 7, 2012

We had our 38x18 in ground pool installed nearly three years ago, and absolutely love it. BUT, there is one regret - the placement of the pool filter. Our secondary seating area is within 15 feet of the pool filter, and it's very loud. I originally wanted to place the pool equipment on the side of our home, but my husband was opposed to that, saying that it might not be appropriate for our neighbors to walk out of their side door, and see/hear our pool equipment. BIG MISTAKE. We hear our pool filter a lot more than a neighbor would, so if you're trying to decide on the placement of your pool equipment, I suggest that you place it as far away from your seating area as possible. I can't stress enough how much I love my pool, but when the waterfalls are on, the heater is on, and the filter system is on, it can be a little irritating. Hope this information helps prospective pool owners.

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Thanks, this does help! I have my equipment far away too and I am thinking about adding a small wall in front to help with the noise...We are placing our equipment on the side of the house CLOSEST to our neighbors that we don't like. HA! I guess our decision helped since we don't like our neighbors!

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