Variable Speed Pump - suggested RPMs

nichoMay 26, 2012

Just put in a pool - roughly 20K gallons. We have a variable speed pump. Is there a suggested RPM level for times when the pool is in use vs. not in use?

Do most people run their pumps 24/7?

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I run mine at two different speeds. I don't know the rpms, flow rate (gals per minute) was my measure. My weekday settings are:

1-3pm (65gpm): high enough to push water through solar heater and run the automatic vacuum.

6-10pm (45gpm): super low, but high enough that I can measure flow rate with the flow meter I installed.

Mine is tuned to turn over my water once. I wouldn't run during the day (peak electricity rates) except for the solar heating.

On weekends #1 is longer and #2 is shorter (weekends are all off-peak pricing).

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i run mine on level 2 (1500 rpm) for 10 hours per day in the summer and 6 hours per day in the winter. every once in a while i turn it up to level 3 for a couple hours after i mow to get the grass clipping out faster.

my pool is 22,000 gallon gunite.

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