Elmer's glue mystery solved!!

rosajoe_gwJanuary 2, 2011

I did not realize that most glues are simply very dense starches!!!

Maybe all are, I am not sure, but I did find out that the washable ones are.

I read where a person used glue to make their starches. I also found a recipe for starch that I plan to try. At the moment I have a bottle that I want to use first. I use a LOT of starch!!!!!!!


12 ounces water

3/4 T cornstarch

3 drops essential oils (I will leave this out)

mix in a spray bottle and shake to mix each time before using.


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i remember my mother making starch with this recipe

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I remember making a very effective flour paste as a child. I glued my sister's piggy bank to her dresser.

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Just be sure to wash it out instead of storing blocks that are starched with home made starches!!! The ingredients you are using are like a buffet to silverfish and moths. Commercial starches have things added to them to reduce the potential for the clothing to be quickly eaten.

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I had to look it up because, remembering that Elmer's has always had an iconic cow as part of their logo and that my mother used to use evaporated milk as a glue for ceramics (it's very effective), I didn't think starch was the base of Elmer's. Apparently, Elmer's began as a hide-based glue and is now a vinyl based product.

I've put in a link to the info I found below.

Not disputing that starch can also be a base for glues. We all know about library paste. Wallpaper paste is also based on wheat starch. And I've heard of brushing on liquid laundry starch to glue things that are up to the moisture to walls and glass as an effective but removable adhesive.

Just correcting the record on Elmer's glue.

PS Sorry I'm so anal...

Here is a link that might be useful: what is glue made from

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No apology necessary. I love the details of... well, of everything! Not sure how I existed before the glories of Google and Wikipedia.

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We always made glue/paste using flour and water when I was a little girl I think that's why buying the little bottle of real pase for a nickel was so exciting when school started in Sept. and it smelled so good some kids even ate it!!

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Oh my Minnie I remember doing that!!

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