Did my contractor cheap out?

emily928August 18, 2010

Yesterday our contractor came to stain the second story deck they built for us several months back. I haven't had a chance to go out and inspect the work yet, but my husband said he noticed that they didn't stain the underside of the deck, which is clearly visible from the patio below the deck. I need to pull out the quote that he gave us for the staining work, but I don't think it specified exactly which surfaces would be stained. In your experience, is staining the underside of a second story deck something that would normally be done? One of the reasons we decided to pay $500 or $600 or whatever it was instead of trying to do it ourselves is that we thought it would be hard to get to those surfaces. Any thoughts?

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Any pros on here have any advice? I'd like to call the contractor and ask about it, but I want to make sure I'm not crazy first!

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Moat stains are only applied on the surface area, not the sides or bottom of the decking. Sikens is the only one I know of that you apply all the way around the deck boards, of course this has to be done prior to installing the boards.

Expect to pay more to have the underside stained.

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If you wanted the underside of the project finished you should have made that clear in the contract.

John agrees with Al normaly the finish is put on the surface area only. J.

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