Best rock for salt pool waterfall

aiannar974May 10, 2013

Hello - I have read a lot about swg and stone issues. I am in dallas and putting in a pool soon. I see a lot written about coping but not about waterfalls. What Rock would you recommend. I know the following for coping:

Get and keep the ph correct
Keep salt at correct level
Use a harder stone like tenn or pa flagstone
Seal the stone

I want a salt pool because my daughter gets exema in public pools but not my neighbors salt pool.

I have also read uv and ozone is not that great

Also, i saw a post that indicated someone had a salt generator to create chlorine but it sounded like the salt was contained in a separate area not the pool itself - what would this be?

Any advise is appreciated


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My waterfall is mossy boulders. That is typically what is used around the Shreveport La area.

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Do you have a salt pool? How r they holding up?


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