has anyone ever changed a cabinet order after submitting it?

mopsmdMarch 21, 2013

Late yesterday at COB I signed and sent back via e-mail the order for the kitchen cabinets, a 3 3/8" rail/stile Shaker inset (or really, Arts and Crafts). And now am having a panic attack because I found a picture online of a vanity with a narrow cabinet door of the exact style I ordered and realized it I am not going to like it for those narrow doors. In general I like the chunkiness of a wider rail/stile, but since we have several narrow doors I think it will be safer to go with 2 1/2" ones.

Obviously I should have thought of this before but there was no example of a narrow door to show me. Well, actually the KD did show me a narrow door that I thought looked fine but I don't think it was 3 3/8" rail/stiles. When I picked out the style I didn't realize I was going to have so many narrow doors.

Ugh. I feel so silly for pushing this through so quickly - but was getting pressure to make the decision. Between my own busy work schedule, the architect taking too long with original designs, and the lumberyard I ordered from closed on weekends, I got a late start on working with the KD. As it is we're going to have to move back in the house without the kitchen ready, with cabinets coming several weeks late.

I wonder how much of a penalty I will have to pay for making a change a day after submitting the order? This is Fieldstone -- does anyone know if they have a grace period of a day or two???

My KD is going to want nothing more to do with me once she gets my e-mail....

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For most companies you'd be ok. Don't know about that brand though. There are a few where you could get penalize.

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In some states, you have 72 hours to cancel purchase contracts - this is to prevent high pressure salesman from coercing you into something. This may apply in your case. Even so, it's unlikely the factory already started working on your order so you probably will be ok.

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Call quickly if you want to make changes - otherwise, there will be a penalty - I think ours would have been 20% but don't quote me...

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It depends on the company's policies, and that means the cabinets hop as well as the cabinet company. Each will have different guidelines. With some lines, and a flexible design shop, if all you're changing is the doorstyle, that's a simple signed change order and another check for the difference, and a phone call. With others, it's a cancellation penalty, and then a laborious paperwork "return" of product that hasn't been produced, and another sale with the amended information.

I would suggest putting the whole project on hold though until you receive a sample door of what you are considering. You may well change your mind yet again.

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KD replied tonight and said she thought it would be okay, with no charges, but after tomorrow no more changes. I hope so...The door I'm changing it to is basically the same one but with narrower rails/stiles. I have seen it in person and liked it and originally was going to go with it. But then this other one caught my eye and I thought it looked really great with the wider rails/stiles. Which it does in wider doors, but I don't think it's good for doors for 12" cabinets. I'll hear tomorrow whether there's a charge or not. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Think positive and that will help the change happen. :) And thanks for pointing out the issue with wider rails and stiles on narrow doors. Another learned point from GW. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you too.

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