I have had it with my HOT front porch

sandylAugust 23, 2011

My front porch faces west and this hot Tenn summer has been the last draw, I can't TAKE IT ANY MOREEEEEEEEEE. I have no shade what so ever and the front porch is unbearable. The house is brick and I build it in 2003. The porch runs the full lenght of the house. I need any idea's for shading the front porch, short of planting trees that will probably still not shade the porch in my life time. I ready don't want to put up a trellis across the front of the porch to grow vines, even though I have 20 plus clematis through out my yard a clematis isn't something I would want climbing on a trellis right in front of the house, beside they require prunning and brown out during the hottest part of summer. I would love to get everyone's idea's on how i could possibly provide shade to the front porch.

I found on the net where I could purchase a 40" by 20 yard roll of burlap fabric and been thinking about maybe installing a cable with a type of turnbuckle to attach sections of the burlap to make a type of curtain that would slide on the cable that i could open and close during the hot summer months. I could take them down for cleaning if need be. When not in use i could slide them to the side and tie them back... I gotta do something before next summer.. Any more idea's out there? Thanks Sandy

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I'm no expert, but I doubt that burlap would hold up long in the hot summer sun. Sounds like you are trying to creat a retractable awning. Why not just get one that matches the colors of your house. I know that Costco keeps sending me ads that include deals on sunscreens from one maker. Not that I would find an awning of that type very attractive on the front of my house. We have an extecded roofline that covers our porch. Is that conversion feasable for your home? Good luck.

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We have a sunscreened area here in semi-desert with 1 x 4's with a 3/4" gaps. They are supported by 2 x 6's every 3 to 5 feet.

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We were planning on a retractable awning for our newly rebuilt south-facing porch, that is we were planning on that until the construction budget was finished....now we are waiting a year or two before we add on a pergola with retractable shade running between the beams.

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Don't be too quick to discount a tree. A tree could start providing good shade in 5 to 10 years. In the meantime can you add a roof to your porch?

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Instant tree is possible. Residential landscaping companies generally do not sell larger trees and so do not tell you they are possible. Look for a local tree mover. Should have access to a 90" spade (huge truck with three giant blades that surround and pick up tree). Cost will depend on type of tree desired and availability in local area. Tree movers generally know where to buy trees. Generally limited to approx 10" diameter trunk and prefer tree species with central tap root as opposed to lots of shallow surface roots

Fast growing trees can be surprisingly cheap. I had 6 25' tall white pines put into my front yard at my last house (instant privacy). Being pines, they were quite wide. If installed with a large spade, trees arrive with solid root structure allowing normal growth to resume much quicker than regular nursery crap which is root bound for many years due to stunted tiny root ball.

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I sewed up shade cloth curtains. They have been up two years. I take them down for a soak and stomp wash in the bathtub. so far so good. They do help to cool things a little bit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Porch Curtains

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shade sails!

until a tree can grow. There are some faster growing trees. And trellis w/o vines are quite nice. Pergola?

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