IPE (21mm) deck boards

firsttim115August 22, 2009

I have the deck boards (21mm) layed and fastened. The ends are about to be trimmed and I will cap these ends with the 21 mm 1x6. I'm going to snap a line to cut with my circular saw and Dremel.

The problem! I already have the rail posts up and its difficult to get my circular saw between to cut them. The base of the saw doesn't permit close cutting. I will use the Dremel to finish close to the posts. The wife and I agree this cut is critical for appearance. Has anyone been here before and had success with the cutting? Suggestions?

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There is no mm in America, get it right.

Most of the time my posts are inside the 1 1/2'' frame so the Skill wormdrive saw has a 1 1/2'' plate works great. If you did this I am not understanding the problem.

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I did exactly what you described: cut most of the way with a circular saw and finished up close with a Dremel. It took a while for the Dremel to eat through the garapa, and it smoked a bit, but worked fine.

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Yes, I agree and thanks for the rebuke :) . There isn't a problem now and I suppose it was more of a concern. My Porter Cable (wide plate) did most of the cutting.

I opted out on the Dremel. I did a test and yes, the smoke was a pillar, and I thought I would destroy my Dremel.

So, off to Lowes for a Bosch, flush cut, reprocating saw. It was worth the extra money and after a test cut I had no concerns. There may be other brands and locations out there but I like Bosch.

I have the end board layed out and screwed onto the frame. Counter sunk screws with 3/8" bit, 1/8" predrilled holes, and the IPE torx head screws, holes plugged and wood glued.

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How about some pictures?

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