Plano, TX Pool Build - New Pics!

gawebberMay 27, 2010

Coping and stone done. Equipment going in tomorrow. Deck on Tuesday.

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it looks beautiful - very elegant - congratulations.

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Looks wonderful! I agree....elegant! Well done! Look forward to seeing the water in it!

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Nice masonary work. You are lucky to have a good mason.

I like the coping especially the edge treatment. Is that what they call "chiseled"? Do they cut the stone, then chip with hammer?

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Thanks, I'm looking forward to completion also. We can't wait to swim.

The coping is Lueder's limestone from west Texas. It comes with a "chipped edge." But in certain cases the masons did have to chip a stone themselves depending on how they cut it.

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Gawebber, love the limestone. I looked for an earlier thread but didn't find any mention of your equipment plans. What kind of sanitizing are you going to be using?

We were thinking we would be switching to salt generated chlorine when we replaster, but we decided to consider replacing our red brick coping. Limestone would be a favorite, but I'm told it isn't good with salt. That brought up ozone -- which seems disfavored here. Then I hear UV is not good but corona discharge is better -- except it has problems with damp climates like ours (folks selling the systems didn't mention that). That puts me back looking at salt -- but I still love Texas limestone. I'm wondering if you are going with a traditional chlorinator or are hearing different things than I am.

I notice a corner of a red brick house too. Ours is red brick and I've had a hard time picturing the lighter coping and deck with the red brick and columns. Feel free to post some wider pictures showing that red brick. ;-)

Looking good!

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Thanks, I love the limestone look too. I'll post some pictures later this week of the travertine deck, should be awesome!

Every homeowner told me to go with saltwater generated and every pool builder told me to go with traditional chlorine.

I would have gone with salt but was spooked by what I heard and read about its affect on natural stone over time. and we have a lot of it,

So we went with traditional chlorine sanitizing. No ozone, no UV, no corona, nothing. Just the way people have been sanitizing pools forever.

I think if you keep your chemicals balanced you shouldn't have any problem. You can always add salt later down the road.

I'll try and post some wider pictures but trust me while stone goes great with the red brick, you won't have any regrets.

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I am hearing the favor on salt fading here too. And anything you hear about ozone is black or white. I'd like to have something that is more constant during the summer rather than the peaks and valleys we get with chlorine. That's my biggest issue with it. We have a small pool and it appears that, like a smaller aquarium, it is much easier to get swings in the water chemistry.

You are building a pool with choices I would make if I were starting from scratch. Limestone and travertine sound lovely -- but I have pea gravel all the way up to the step up back porch and back doors. Even if we tore out the deck, I'm not sure how we would deal with that, and I'm not sure I want to go through that much mess and expense. Doing is one thing, redoing is another.

Look forward to your new pictures.

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That's a beutiful pool you got there. Do you have any updated pitures?

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Yes, I have new pics but have gotten behind in posting them. I'll post tonight!!! We're ready for plaster but I want to get the landscaping and sprinkler re-route done first. Should be filling with water in about two weeks, we can't wait!!! Look for updated pics tonight.

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Can you tell me where your waterline tile came from? I am on a continuous search for the perfect waterline tile for my pool and I am thinking 1x1 might work best for me... I like yours....

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Sorry for the late reply. The tile is from Noble Tile Supply. It's Rainforest Lavender 1"

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Here are the latest pics with the travertine deck in and some of the pool equipment. Landscaping is tomorrow, and we hope to plaster early next week.

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Love the pavers. Are they dry set? Which color are these?

I'll be ordering mine next week and need to finalize Ivory or Ivory Swirl.

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They are just set on 4" of crushed rock and 1" of coarse sand, no mortar. I guess that's dry set.

They told me the color is walnut, some of the white is dust, they're kind of a light brown color.

I don't know what color your coping is but if it's white I'd go with a a darker color paver. Ivory may be too light.

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We are going with Noce travertine coping. The pool is raised out of the ground so the coping is 14" wide, bullnosed on each side and is a very dark brown.

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Should look great, good luck! I'm hoping to be adding water this time next week. I was shooting for the 4th but it didn't happen, oh well, we still have all summer.

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I know this is an old thread, but gawebber, if you happen to check in, I would really like to see some pictures of your pool after pebble sheen and completion!

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We are about to sign to put a pool in our backyard (Tarrant County) with PebbleSheen. What did you discover after your Feb 21 post?

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