mastertemp 400lp led11 service heater led

tbird355May 23, 2013

I hope someone has some advice on fixing this problem. The heater will not stay on. Here's the sequence:
1. Turn on heater via front control panel.
2. Blower comes on.
3. After 25 seconds the burner comes on.
4. Runs for a few minutes.
5. Burner goes off. Blower stays on.
6. After 25 seconds the burner comes back on.
7. Runs for a few minutes.
8. Burner goes off. Blower stays on.
9. After 25 seconds the burner comes back on.
10 Runs for a few minutes.

  1. Burner goes off. Blower stays on.
  2. 25 seconds later blower goes off.
  3. Service Heater LED comes on.
  4. LED11 on circuit board comes on. All other LEDs off.

I pressed and held the Pool On button to get the flue temperature while the burner was on. It climbs to and stabilizes at 295 degrees.

The problem is intermittent. I just went to the heater and it should have been on. Instead it was off with LED 11 and Service Heater. Turned it back on and it's still on now 30 minutes later.

Heater was installed spring 2007. Has worked fine previous 5 seasons.

Saw posting about thermal regulator. Removed it. Looks good. Little corrosion or buildup. Reinstalled plug but NOT regulator. Heater came on and stayed on. Shutoff automatically by timer 6 hours later. Looked like it was the regulator. Very next day heater comes on automatically at 2pm via timer. Acted the same as above but now with regulator removed. So, it doesn't appear to be the regulator.

Couldn't find any doc on what LED11 means.

BTW, system in good working order. Filter clean. Pressure good. Water flow good. LP tank full.

Any ideas?



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If you look on the back of the board is there any codes showing? Also have you checked your fuel pressure? The flu stack sensor still could be your problem. Check the resistance disconnect the 2 wires going to it and check it with a meter it should be 3.5 -4.0 mega ohms.

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never mind - old post

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