Broken Robotic Cleaner :(

bell376May 9, 2013

When I turn on my robotic cleaner it stays on for about 20 seconds and than shuts off. Anyone ever have this problem? I'm really missing my cleaner...

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What kind of cleaner? How long have you had it? Was it giving you any problems leading up to it dying?

It sounds like your motor seized up.

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It is a Blue Pearl. I've had it for 6 years and it's worked perfect up until now. If it's the motor I probably would be better off buying a new one. I think that part is very pricey.

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I have a Blue Pearl too and the same thing happened to me. I bought a new motor for $350 or $400 (I can't remember the exact amount) but it ended up being cheaper than buying another cleaner. That was like 3 years ago and it's been rolling around with no problems ever since.

Take the bottom out of it and turn it on out of the water (I know they don't recommend doing). Try to move the big brushes and see if the motor moves at all. If the motor's not doing anything then it's probably done. You can call the company and they can troubleshoot with you but mine did the same thing. Green light for about 20 seconds then cut off.

Best of luck...

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....if you have been using it for 6 years.... having problems is resonable.... why not just change a new one since the technology is getting better and better? Neato, Irobot, Mint and Amtidy are all good choices~

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