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Vanessa1234January 25, 2011

Well I just had to ask!

How many of you have fabric cutters? Last year it was just Accuquilt who had the market, now we have this amazing Quilters machine from Sizzix and Westminster they call it the Big Shot Pro for quilters - the difference---- Accuquilt takes 4 layers of fabric the Sizzix BSP takes up to 10 layers.

Accuquilt will only take dies made by accuquilt, sizzix takes all sizzix dies, all accuquilt dies and many of the big Studio machine dies, plus of course it takes other companies dies. I only have knowledge of the ones I am mentioning.

Cutting all your strips in a matter of seconds makes a huge difference, I cut 70 2.5' squares on the BSP in 2 seconds! that fast.

With Accuquilt I can cut 4 at the same time - only have a die with one 2.5' square so that slows down the whole process.

Now I have discovered the whole range of Hello Kitty dies and a big selection of animal dies - I can use them all! because I have now got the BSP! My accuquilt will not take any of these.

I have to tell you I got a smoking hot deal with an online store in Canada - the only reliable place to buy in Canada

you can check out what they offer at their site www.stitchintheditch.com. I am waiting for new dies to come out next month from sizzix - large square 10', 8.5' square and then large circles, 5' strip is also one I have pre ordered.

They are having a whole new range coming out later in the year -- it looks like they will have a big quilters section with sizzix before very long. I can use my accuquilt dies through my BSP so I am not wasting. Of course the BSP is a very stable machine that does not fold up - so I can not cart it around with me, I can fold up the Accuquilt and take it, to be honest I prefer not to take my fabric cutter to guild, I end up having so many wanting to use it and I spend all my time working it for them, our guild are going to buy the Sizzix BSP from the above store this is the most suitable machine for heavy use - this will be fantastic for all the members.

Wanted to share what I have found so far with the fabric cutters -- any questions - send them!

Here is a link that might be useful: Stitch in the Ditch

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Signing up today to sell us stuff is considered very rude.

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FYI - I reported this obvious attempt at sales to the GardenWeb folks.

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No advertising is allowed in any of the forums. All new members should read the forum rules and obey them!

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sorry ladies - this was not an advert -- I don't sell the products, just buy them. wanted to share some knowledge on the two systems. I did not realize you did not share knowledge on this site, sharing where I had bought was no different than mentioning Joann's or some other large store.
many people in Canada do not know where these machines can be checked out and I appreciated when I read on this site about the above store months ago. That was the way I was introduced.

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I don't think presenting Canadians as backwater shoppers unable to master a google search is a good way to sell your product! I'm not sure how you posted without a link to your ID - I suppose that's possible but don't know why anyone would remove that option unless they had something to hide.

Again, I encourage quilt forum members to report anyone who comes here for the purpose of promoting their product. We get enough ads as it is.

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You are compaing the wrong cutters.Accuquilt makes a pro cutter that does much mre than the one you have does.The Studio does 12 layers at a time.

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