diy backyard makeover needs big time help!!

sarahandbrayAugust 4, 2014

Well, we have to do something now! Tore off the back deck, so we need a plan--fast!!
This is the back entrance (that leads to the mudroom as shown, and then kitchen) but it is our most used access to house. House is BUSY with three kids, three dogs, and tons of family in and out.

--1870's Victorian farmhouse in a suburb of Albany, NY
--total DIY
--faces south--so VERY sunny and hot in the summer
--looking for a deck and patio combo...or at least large steps w/landing and patio combo.
--old sandbox is going away and basement access will have a new door, so ignore that.
--white fence can get moved back anothern 10+ feet to the far end of the red barn to make more room
--this is only the small part of our backyard--we have two acres and a Morton Building with a patio, so this doesn't have to be the one and only hangout area
--looking to have a large patio set with umbrella, maybe a few Adirondack chairs or old vintage outdoor chairs for reading...possibly our grill located nearby.

What do you envision here? Here's the backyard all ripped up. We have a big tractor and can do all the leveling, etc....

Sarah in Albany, NY

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Have you thought about using EZE Breeze windows to enclose your porch area? I know a place that sells them as a DIY and they ship direct. Their website is then click on eze breeze. It may not be what your looking for but thought it might help. Good luck

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