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wendypcAugust 13, 2011

I am refinishing my deck with composite decking finally. The deck is on top of a sunroom, and opens out of the house flush with a sliding glass door. It is currently configured with a 3.5 foot level field, and then there is a 4" step up - it's kind of like a little recess in the level of the deck floor right around the door. This was to try and build in some slope for drainage. I would like to shorten the distance from door to step up and am curious what the recommended minimum distance should be from door to step? This is just for ease in laying boards so I don't have to rip a 20' board.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Not sure I understand what configuration is. A picture would be helpful.

There are only three factors I am aware of that need to be considered.

Stair code: As long as "step" from door is at least 11" deep and not more than 8" high, rest does not apply and it is not an issue.

drainage needs: Entry to house should be sufficiently raised that during the most severe rain storms, water does not flow into house. If porch flooring is solid ( no gaps for water as in a deck), this is of particular concern as a combination of heavy rain and wind blowing water toward the house could cause water to flow under the door. (Height that matters is not top of sill, but under sill to flow over flashing under door frame.) If, as your description sounds, door is below height of deck, then reducing basin that can catch water a plus.

door opening landing code requirement: If door (or screen door) opens outward onto space, need a landing for person outside to stand on while opening door. If door opens outward, depth of landing must be at least 36".

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