Glass shower half-door

aliris19March 25, 2014

Hi all! I'm sort of an old-bie... sort of. Not like some on here but I haunted this realm constantly a couple years ago while sweating through my kitchen ... which is done, I guess, kinda sorta, though I never figured when. I owe you a FK submission.

I'm wondering whether anyone has a bath opinion about half shower doors made of glass, "european" shower doors? If you have experience or an opinion yeah or nay, would you please consider weighing in over here, on the bath forum?

Thank you!!!

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I remember you, and would really love to see your reveal. :)

I've really considered them and have seen them on HGTV. I might look into them a bit more and have even seen them on showers. Perhaps location of shower head, pressure ....miight come into play with how much water comes out onto floor as some suggest.

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xc60 ~ :)

I'm thinking I might have to stand in that enclosureless shower and see what happens to the water. Yccch. Not looking forward to that much! But I think the exercise will be, ahem, revealing.

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Thinking about it, I'm sure you could use a shower curtain pulled out as far as the glass would be on a temporary pressure shower rod and see how it works and how far the spray goes..... Keep me updated and towels ready. :)

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I can tell you this... when we remodeled our shower, it was usable while we waited for the glass to be installed. It is up against 2 full tile walls, the back wall is tiled and about shoulder height. (The glass would be the door and another 2 ft on top of the shoulder height wall.)

It was doable - being very careful not to splash too much water out... that being said, I HATED IT! It was so cold!
Even standing in hot, hot water, without something to contain the heat, the "breeze" coming in was not conducive to a happy shower. It was the end of May in MD - so not even a cold time of year.

I think if you end up with having an "open" shower, at least make sure you have some sort of heat light over top!

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