Minimum distance between sink and upper cabinet

jansin62March 24, 2013

Is there some guideline for the minimum distance between the sink and the upper cabinet? I think our KD made our upper cab too low - it feels very in your face when you're at the sink...



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A cabinet above the sink? I guess I would not even want one there, but if there was, I would think at least 6'. I don't think that there are any guidelines to cabinets above sinks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Most kitchen designers follow the NKBA guidelines.

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No, no minimum. You frequently have apartment kitchens or office kitchens where there is no height adjustment at all in the uppers and you have the standard 18" just like you do everywhere else in the kitchen. It is still quite functional that way, although perhaps not as visually "open" as having a shorter cabinet there would bring to the look.

Of course, plenty of people do use a shorter cabinet there as well. It's all about what you want. I'm sure that your KD can order a shorter cabinet for over your sink if that's what you want. If everything has already been installed rather than things in the design stage, you will need to pay for the cabinet. But, if it makes your kitchen better for you long term, then that's what's important.

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Thanks Greendesign, cabs are in. We have two sinks, both with cabs on top. On the main sink, the KD put the cabs high and less depth, but not at all on the prep sink. I okayed the design - didn't even think about it! But, although I love all the KDs on GW, mine was less than perfect, and this is just another example. I think that she should have at least said something to us about it. Oh well, now to talk to the contractor. I was hoping there was some guideline I could fall back on.

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