Trex vs Azek vs porcelain tile for deck

LARemodelAugust 7, 2014

I have a townhome with a small front yard and side yard, but no back yard. The side yard is concrete. I'm planning to elevate the side yard and cover the wood framing with decking material. The space is about 9' x 15'.

I'm evaluating decking materials and need some advice. I'm considering natural wood, Trex, Azek, or porcelain tile. My 10-year old dog has always used that space as his outdoor area, so that's a concern.

One suggestion was redwood - but I'm worried about potential damage from termites - and the wood will fade unless re-stained on a regular basis.

The contractor suggested Trex composite - but I've read a lot of negative reviews about it online. I recently saw a nice deck made of Azek PVC, but I see that Azek has a law suit pending, regarding over-zealous sales pitches that claim no maintenance needed.

My designer suggested porcelain tile. I'm thinking that this would be the easiest choice for cleaning up after the dog.

The area is shaded most of the day, but can get very hot for a couple hours in mid-day. I want a surface that won't be uncomfortably hot to walk on.


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Porcelain can be slippery when wet, is this area covered? Also is this OK with your townhouse association? Bro. lived in 1 & you couldn't even get a screen door. Redwood is supposed to be termite resistant but is very soft wood & would need restraining & if dog is doing his thing might have other stains. I think you can get a slightly rough porcelain so that might be way to go if you have permission to do anything. Think it is made for shower floors.

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There are only two homes in the condo association, and I have exclusive rights to this area. Only impact to the other town home will be noise and dust during the installation. My neighbors in the back house recently strung a cable above the space to hook up TV or internet service or something, without asking permission.

I will be applying for a permit from the city.

The area is partially covered - the 2nd floor of the house extends out a few feet beyond the 1st floor.

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