Dark kitchen cabinets? What does your kitchen table look like?

kadydidMarch 1, 2012

I am in need of some help. I gel stained my oak kitchen last year a dark color, and my table never really "fit" in after I did this. So now its time for me to start looking for something new, but I am lost. Same dark stain? White? unfinished? ugh

Just to give you an idea of what my kitchen looks like. Any kitchen/nook table advice wanted. :D

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Show us your kitchen table please!

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Hi kady..

I agree with oldbat2be..show us what you have now and I'm sure you will get lots of advice..Like, could you gel-stain your table and chairs?

Until then, I will show you what I have..

I too have really dark kitchen cabinets..I had both tables BEFORE my remodel...I don't think you always have to match stains..in my case they just happen to all be dark.

Here's whats in my breakfast nook directly next to the kitchen..

And here is my formal dining room which you can also see from the kitchen...The table is actually black..The square chairs are black, and the rounded chairs and hutch were gel-stained by moi...They use to be white-washed oak..


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I used to have a light cherry table that I repainted to
go with my dark ebony floors. I do understand wanting to
make things flow visually. I won't bore you with pics of
my kitchen as it is not dark. I just wanted you to know
there are creative solutions.
Can your table be painted?
Re-stained or gel stained?
Maybe you could match it?
Maybe you need to do nothing at all, a picture would help
to see what can be done.

Hope these help.

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I've never been one for matchy-matchy, be it woods, fabrics, or even clothes. I like similarities in form or texture (the latter I actually prefer very tactile!) or even just style.

My dining area table is a solid teak almost Parson's except the legs do taper a tiny bit. It's a darker color. When I had wood cabinets, they were a medium oak. I liked the differences. Oh - my floors are a gorgeous chocolate wide-plank maple. I love the combinations.

That said, your cabinets are gorgeous.
May I assume you cleaned, stripped & stained? I still have to do my butcher block countertop and haven't decided how to do it. I like a distressed look, but how to achieve it without working on it for 20 years? I love how professionally done your cabinets look.

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cabinets about that intensity[but did remove some uppers]. Took a 1950-60's scandinavian dining table from the folks-walnut with medium stain top and teak legs-tapered. It adds a lot of warmth to the space[open plan].Look for an older solid wood table-they are a huge savings over any new solid table and will have a patina/wear marks that look good.Abundance of them on Craig's list/Ebay.

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your kitchen loooks great!! Nice work it really looks brand new. My cabs are oak stained mahagony, so not quite as dark and I have a small dark counter height table in the room and a lighter walnut with teak legs, like herb's :), in the sdjacent dining room. I think either works and I too like a mix of finishes and am not too matchy matchy with my furnishings.

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I like contrast. Maybe a lighter colored wood table..lighter meaning lighter than your cabs. Some good examples posted in pics above.

Nice kitchen btw!

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If you have commitment issues (like I did!) you could do glass. I was afraid to try a wood, even though so many of the examples above look so fantastic. Here is ours:

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