damage to Trex board

meg711August 4, 2007

Today we had a new grill delivered and the guys "rolled" the grill across our Trex deck with the grill's brakes on. They realized that the brakes were on but not before leaving a two-foot long double track of skid marks. I'm pretty sure the marks are scratches or dents in the Trex boards.

Does anyone know the best way to remove the marks? Or am I going to have to replace the damaged boards? Will the marks fade over time?

Thanks for any help.

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No way to fix that damage that wont show more either live with it or replace. J.

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If I do get that piece or two of decking replaced, how long will it take before it's the same color as the remaining boards? Or will it always be a shade or two darker?

The deck was installed in late-2006 and is dark brown with the fake wood grain design. I'm assuming it's lighter now than it was when it was first installed but I don't have a spare piece for comparison. Too bad I didn't think ahead and ask the builder for an extra piece or two.

I may just live with it since the marks are very close to where we plan to put our table and chairs--but I'm annoyed.

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Most composite colors fade in about 3 months then stabilize after that. I'm no expert on trex tho, haven't installed but 2 or 3 trex decks & those were quite a few years ago.


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I don't know about the dents, but can't you sand the marking off. Is it he embossed wood grain or just the finish? You might try sanding in a hidden area to see what happens.

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Are the skid marks the same color as the wheels of the grill or are they scratches from the wheels? The residue should come off with a light sanding or possibly a solvent. Test it on a piece of scrap first. I can't see the Trex being dented(grooves) from skid marks unless this was a very heavy grill.
Pictures will help.

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Thanks everyone. Very good questions and advice.

I'll have to look at it more carefully to see whether it's just a color transfer or a scratch. (You're right; I don't think it could be a dent but it is a big grill, relatively speaking. DH went shopping while I was out of town and got a six-burner, rotisserie, smoker kind of thing.)

Sanding or solvents sound like good ideas but the warnings on the Trex site about power-washing, etc., scared me off. I wish I did have a scrap piece to test.

The deck is a dark brown. I think the wood grain is embossed because I can feel it. The wheels on the grill are black casters.

From some angles you can't even see the marks but they're very obvious from other angles. (My neighbor thinks I'm crazy to even notice them but it's more the fact that this is a new, previously undamaged, deck and it irks me.)

I'll see if I can take photos later on. Thanks again.

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Why don't you call Trex and see if they will send you a sample piece? We are about to install a different brand and they sent us a sample piece of board and railing we were interested in - we were pretty impressed at the package they sent us.

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I think that will weather out, I suggest just leaving it. The material is the same throughout, if the heavy grill just 'smushed' the woodgrain a bit, I think in a few weeks you won't notice it. If you replace the boards, you will notice that a lot longer. Remember, your deck won't look perfect forever, but it will be durable and safe and add value to your home for a long time.
Try to keep grease off the deck though - that's the big thing I would say about the grill.

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Thanks for your responses. (I just found them.) The guys who delivered the grill suggested that I wait for a hot sunny day, then use my foot to kind of rub the board, hoping to remove the scuff mark.

We have a mat for under the grill but I'm not sure it's big enough or in the right area. I'll look at the deck and see if there are any grease marks, then adjust the mat.

Thanks again!

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