Speak up Pebble Fina owners...tell me what you think

ausmanMay 3, 2007

Would love to hear your comments about and see pics of your Pebble Fina. I am guessing we are about a month away from plaster. We were ready to go with plain medium grey plaster but am now tossing around the idea of spending the extra $1900 to upgrade to Pebble Fina in the Grigio color.



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Though I am not a fina owner... we originally signed with fina and upgraded two days before installation to sheen. BUT... if you are comparing plaster with fina, I would not hesitate to upgrade to fina. The overall feel is much smoother - and the longevity is much longer. Fina is made with a silica base that is much more durable and long lasting than plaster. My folks have replastered 3 times and going on a 4th time! With fina, it is suppose to last twice as long if not longer. I am sure a forum goer with fina will chime in... I say upgrade! After spending the money you are shelling out for a pool... what is another $1900?

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Thanks for the info. The claim of longer life (compared to modern plain plaster) is my main reason for contemplating the switch to Pebble Fina, plus I get a few nice little speckles!

ok, one vote for PF


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Another forum goer, screen name 'willweeverbedone' aka Ralph, has fina, Bella Blue, I believe. I saw a recent post from him, so maybe he will chime in...

Ralph, you out there??

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I'm the one with Bella Blue Pebblefina -- Ralph's got Acquos Pebblefina. At the risk of speaking for Ralph, I'd say that were are both *very* happy with our respective choices. The Bella Blue yields crisp, blue water, kind of like a slightly watered-down Windex shade. The Acquos yieds a more turquoise-like shade. Both are smooth and both have sparkly bits. Both should have significantly greater longevity than regular plaster. The Grigio yields more of a slate blue color. All are beautiful, IMHO.

$1,900 is not expensive at all for an upgrade. They charged me over $3K to upgrade from white plaster - colored plaster would have been only $600 more.

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The slate blue water color is what we are after thats why our original idea was to go with medium grey plaster. We took a look at the Fina samples today and you're right it is very smooth. Was a little dissapointed that the Grigio was not darker in color. Do you guys know if this product is delivered in premixed bags or was it mixed on site with seperate ingredients? Just wondering if the color or finish may differ from job to job.



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I saw a pool w/ the gregio...nice cool/slate blue color. I think it's a consistent mixture but not absolutely sure. It's a natural product so you will get mottling...not as much as w/ plaster but still some.

For me, the 3m would have been same price and I think this product is wayyyyy better. It's supposed to last a long time and is guaranteed for many years. It's also supposed to resist chemical imbalance issues better.

You can click on my username to get to my photo link if you like...you'll see some application pict's there.

Good luck...Ralph

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We love ours, very smooth and easy to care for.

Bella Blue...

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Thanks all for your comments and pics. We are now entertaining the idea of putting in 3m premium sandstone. A friend has it in their pool and since it is tan in color the water takes on a green look which I think I like. I will do some more research before deciding which product to use.


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Our pool is only a few weeks old. We chose Pebble Fina Bella Blue.

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In answer to your original question about mixing. It was mixed in with the plaster from separate bags onsite. I watched them do it. It as pretty cool.

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Are any of you Pebble Fina owners having issues with grittiness on down the line? And how bad has the mottling gotten? I'm considering the Grigio Fina. Any comments would be appreciated.

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3 weeks and great. Filled it up with tanker truck water from the water company, 5 loads. Since it was drinking water-the only thing I had to do was bring the calcium up from about 80 to 230- about 30 pounds at 5 pounds a day. It raised the ph to about 8, but 4 pounds of acid, and everythings been perfect for the last two weeks. The finish is so smooth-- I miss scratching my back on the old plaster. Like the bella blue a lot, and poolside plastering was terrific.pool was 40 years old,had 1 replaster.fina will last afull 40!

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Thanks for sharing the pictures of the fina colors, those who shared.

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