Need to replace diving board

memama_gayleMay 30, 2011

Our fiberglass(?)diving board cracked tonight. I have no idea what kind it is. It is 8 feet long; 17 inches wide. It is attached to the upside down U frame with 2 bolts that are 12 inches on center apart. It has a 2nd u frame nearer the pool that has a rubberized cover that the board just sits on. Please give me assistance on where to purchase and is this something my son-in-laws could do or will a pool company need to replace? Advice please. Thanks so much!

Here is a picture of the diving board when it was first installed (yes, it was not straight and still isn't)


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Hmm, let me guess. The board cracked on the right side, right?

How did the mason or PB not catch that front support was skewed because it is not as wide as the back?

The size you mentioned is common.

While my insurance doesn't cover working on diving boards, if it did, I would have refused to do it or to even sell it in this situation.

Can your SILs (multiple daughter Dad here too)? Likely with a mail order board.


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Thanks Scott. Actually, it has a crack on both sides. Will see if I can find a replacement on line. If anyone has a suggestion for a site please email me. Thanks so much!

The builder of this pool is a thorn in the side of quality pool builders and in mine! I filed a complaint with the attorney general's office about this guy. The attorney general's office also had difficulty getting him to respond! They recommended to me to sue. Lawyer said it would cost more than pool. I have a letter (not worth the paper it was written on) from the pool company's lawyer that they would fix the things that were wrong with my pool. Couldn't get the pool company to come back or even talk with me after that. Bad experience...and now 7 years later I still deal with their poor construction!

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