Transfering Line Art to PT Pine

big_deckJuly 18, 2009

I have decided to make Oscar a large wooden puzzle and need to transfer the line drawing to wood for cutting out with a scroll saw.

I have been trying to find carbon paper, but asking for it is like being an alien that just landed from outter space as no one seems to know what it is anymore.

I was told that graphite paper would work, but I have not been able to find it. If this is what I need, where do I find it?

There are 31 pieces to this puzzle and it is being made of PT pine for playing on the deck.

Any hints as to how to make this transfer?


Thank you!

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Try perforating the paper with a sharp point - like an awl. Then dust with chaulk - if you have an old eraser that would work even better. After this "connect the dots" with a pencil. Do a test first.

Another option would be make a copy of the plan, cut-out the pieces and trace around them.

Personally, I would rethink the PT wood. It splinters badly and this characteristic will cause following the line with a saw to be difficult. Also may make playing with the puzzle not so fun. If you are not going to leave the puzzle outdoors in the weather, consider a nice piece of birch or maple plywood. Otherwise, upgrade to pine or poplar though getting wide enough wood may be difficult.

Hope this helps, have fun.

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