Redwork embroidery questions

rosajoe_gwJanuary 31, 2012

I bought 2 pillowcases prestamped for embroidery. They are horses so I'll give them to one of my kiddie relatives. If they last that long, the fabric is so thin lol!!!! I

got them really cheap and I wanted to practice.

I really like starting off with the loop instead of a knot. But the redwork site with all of the great tutorials advises to end by wrapping the threads around about 3 of the stitches.

I'm not going to chance it coming undone so I have been making small knots to finish. You can't see them from the front.

How do you finish yours so the stitches don't unravel????


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I use a knot to begin and to end I run the thread under several stitches on the back, then make a loop, poke the needle through and pull the loop tight over the thread, then cut it.

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Thank you Teresa I'll try that. I don't think the thread is thick enough for the knot to show through on a quilt block.

I don't think the wrapping around 3 stitches is secure enough!!!!

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I knot at the beginning and make a loop/knot at the end as well. If it's a project where I can hide the end thread or knot I'll go back under with the thread, come out a half inch/inch away and pull the thread and cut it so it disappears underneath. When I did cross-stitch I wrapped the threads at beginning and end to tuck it under. But those weren't something that had to put up with washings and I feel a knot is more secure.

I bought some pre-stamped quilt blocks at a quilt show and they are also very thin. Turns out they are a cotton-poly blend. I'm making one of set of them and might just use them for totes, the others I'm not sure what I'll do with them. It was nice not to have to transfer, but I'd rather have used my own thicker Kona fabric.

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I agree!!! These are so thin they will not last long. As pillowcases they will be washed in the machine. But I was looking for something easy to practice on.

The discount store I bought them in has them really cheap, but there is no way I would put that much time into a project that is not durable.

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