New Pool,Help Me avoid mistakes,,

tangojayMay 25, 2012

First of all, I came across this site by accident and think it is great!

Wife and I are building our very first pool and want to avoid mistakes and save money,, here are some of the questions I have which made me scratch my head,,,,

1) Chlorine or Salt?

2) Plaster or Pebble Tec? White or Blue?

3) Is Hayward good equipment?

4) Were can I save money with the build?

5) Were should I spend the money with the build?

6) Cement beyond deck, do it all or contract it out later?

7) Spa, what should I ask for?


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Salt is chlorine. Salt is usually easier for you though.

Plaster has the shortest life. High aggregates like Pebble Tec and Wet Edge Pearl Matrix may cost more up front but last far longer.Color is subjective but the biggest influencer there is the light from the sky.

Pentair and Jandy are better engineered products and so, last longer, more so than the price difference ratio. As a service guy, I am not a big fan of Hayward products, for the most part.


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1. This is a personal preference. Over time, there is no difference in cost. Some people have sensitivity to chlorine that seems to be minimized with salt as the source of chlorine. Others prefer traditional chlorine due to building products/stones.

2. Definitely Pebbletec (or competitor). Color is personal preference - and specialty colors are typically an $$$ upgrade.

3. Hayward is a major brand, but I have no personal info regarding company. From my experience, pool builders typically sell one brand or another - based on contract with equipment provider. I would recommend calling LOCAL pool service cleaners/maintenance companies for their opinion.

4. Any upgrade that you are not sold on. Ask pool builder what can be done later and what needs to be decided now. Landscaping and supplemental lighting can be done later. Differences in plumbing and depth of pool can not.

5. A) Cleaner. An extra return (I think that's what it's called) specifically placed and designed for your cleaner. B) Pool surface (Pebbletec). C) And tile/coping that you like. Even if it's a upgrade. That's not something you're going to change for a while.

6. Do it all now.

7. Make sure the size is what you want. Actually get in a finished one to make sure the size is just right. The advertised size (and the people it fits) can be deceiving. Be present when gunite is shot to make sure step placement/shape and height of seats are correct.

If you think you are going to add fancy lighting and music or an outdoor kitchen, request extra electrical work near the pool equipment to make it easier for contractors to come in after the pool build.

You can (potentially) save money by doing some things yourself. Pool builder might not like this because this is where they can mark things up easily. Like replacing fencing (most pool builders just sub-contract it out anyway). You could just hire the fence company yourself. You can also do the landscaping yourself - but be prepared - you might need to grade as well as re-sod. Umbrella sleeves. You can buy them yourself and just place them in the right location before the contractor comes out to pour the concrete decking.

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1) Salt Water Generator
2) Some type of "PeppleTech" or similar, Go with a color
3) No Hayward.
4) Find a good reliable PB now and in the end and in the future you'll save money.
5) Upfront, see number 4, don't pinch pennies now
6) Contract separately, look at pavers, more flexibility for repairs, etc.
7) Go for 8' round and raised. You will be amazed at how much time you, kids and others will spend in Spa and you will need the room.

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PebbleTech.....not PeppleTech....

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On the umbrella sleeves you just need to be there when the gunite is done so you can tell that crew where the sleeves will go so they can make the indentations. That is what I did I paid $15 each for the sleeves online versus the $100 extra per sleeve the PB wanted to charge. When the pebble tec crew came in they were the ones I gave the sleeves to so they could set them in at this final step.

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Thanks for all the help, well, the pool is now awaiting the coping and tile, thanks for the advise!

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That was quick! We'd all like to see it (not so subtle hint for pictures)!

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Here it is, still need the coping,tile,,, decking is next,,,

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